The Churchill Movies.

Aug 2012
Washington State, USA.
For reasons that I cannot imagine, they have been making a lot of Winston Churchill movies lately, but the only one that I enjoyed a great deal was Darkest Hour starrring Gary Oldman. It had been free on my Comast for a week, and since I confused it with the fairly recent film Into the Storm, I didn't realize it was a movie I had not seen.
I have to wait a long time to see films on my favorite subjects of History and Fantasy, and love Darkest Hour now. I like it as much as Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.

A lot of these films reallly bring into question Churchill's decision making ability, but all agree how resolute he was in not wanting to give in to Hitler.
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Churchill with all his character and mannerisms was a real gift for any actor, and it is enjoyable watching the different ways in which they try to hit him off. Robert Hardy is really good in 'The Wilderness Years' (it's all on youtube), never excelled in my view.

Aug 2012
Washington State, USA.
I have this obsession with who are the most dramatized historical figures in film. I had no idea how big Churchill was in this respect.
I guess the other Churchill movie I seen recently was just called Churchill (2017). Into the Storm was a TV movie from 2009 that I also had only seen recently.
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