The Civil War - A Living Legacy

Feb 2011
As far as I can see, though the war finished more than 150 years ago and the last veterans passed in the 1950s, there remains one single recipient of a pension relating to the Civil War- a lady called Irene Triplett.

The 88 year old daughter of a veteran named Mose Triplett (1846-1938), she is according to 'Statista' Infographic: The Impact of War Is Felt for Centuries
the last remaining recipient. According to Statista, there remain 84 pensions relating to the Spanish American war of 1898.

The reason for the longevity of the pensions was that elderly men with house and war pension in the 1920s and 30s represented a good marriage option for young ladies facing a bleak outlook in the great depression. It was legal, it was respectable. The veteran got care and company for the remainder of his natural. The wife got a pension and often, a house. In the case of Mose Triplett, it got him several children in his 80s, of whom Irene is the last survivor.

Has anyone else any other living legacies still with us related to this or other long-ago historical issues?
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Aug 2016
There's a provision in the veteran's pension law that gives veteran's benefits to disabled children of veterans. That's why Irene Triplett qualifies for benefits her father earned.
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