The concept of "subjective opinion", is an exclusively creationist idea

Jul 2019
In common discourse all subjective opinions, like opinions on beauty, have the same underlaying logic.

A subjective opinion is chosen, and a subjective opinion expresses what it is that makes a choice.

For example the opinion that a painting is beautiful. The opinion is chosen by spontaneous expression of emotion with free will. An alternative opinion like that the painting is ugly, could also have been chosen. To be forced to say the painting is beautiful provides a logically invalid opinion. The word "beautiful" expresses a love for the way the painting looks. Out of this love the word "beautiful" was chosen.

It means therefore, that any word which is defined in terms of doing the job of making a choice, then the existence of what the word refers to, must be a matter of chosen opinion. Emotions like love, fear, hate etc. are so defined. Also God, spirit, soul, self, agency, are so defined.

Choice is the mechanism of creation, it is how things originate. Adding in the logic for fact, then we get the complete conceptual scheme.

A fact is obtained by evidence of a creation forcing to produce a 1 to 1 corresponding model of it in the mind.

Creationist conceptual scheme:
1. Creator / chooses / spiritual / existence of which is a matter of chosen opinion
2. Creation / chosen / material / existence of which is a matter of fact forced by evidence

A human being is split between the two categories of creator and creation. Emotion, the self, the spirit, the soul, are in category no 1, therefore the existence of them is a matter of chosen opinion. The body is in category 2. Also fantasies and concepts in the mind are in category 2. Because fantasies and concepts can just be copied / modelled. Fantasy figures are just as well creations, as things in the universe in general are creations. But love and hate and such, are not creations.

The relation between emotions and the body is then that the brain has organization in terms of decisionmaking processes, and emotions are what does the job of making the decisions turn out the way they do. What can be seen then, as matter of fact, is how the decisionmaking is organized, what the available alternative futures are, and that a decision has been made.

So creationism validates both fact and opinion, each in their own right. Acceptance of creationism leads to:

- emotional maturity
- a capability to distinguish fact from opinion, critical thinking skills
- a subjective, yet imminently real, morality, in the goodness and evil of the agency of choices
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