The Dark Lords of Hattusha/Hittite Empire 1595 BC

Jan 2011
Way back when 'The Dark Lords' was first broadcast, I was stricken with awe. So much that it inspired me to write a fictional saga about the Hittites.
So, I hope it's okay to do mention this on here, but today I launched the first book in my Hittite series. It's out as an eBook and paperback. Audiobook (coming next week) too:
Empires Of Bronze_au shrunk.jpg

Empires of Bronze: Son of Ishtar kicks off in 1315 B.C. with the birth of Prince Hattusili. As 'Dark Lords' showed, he had a rather incredible life. You can find out more about the series here: Empires of Bronze - Gordon Doherty - Writer

Please do share with any fellow Bronze Age or Hittite enthusiasts you know who might be interested! Anyway, that's the end of my plug ;-)
Mar 2015
Do you have any recommendations on books (preferably affordable) or academic papers on this subject?

Thanks - always been interested in Hittites and how they fit into the IE story.