The Dark Lords of Hattusha/Hittite Empire 1595 BC

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Well, they were worthy rivals to Egypt in their time. Including lording it over both Assyria & Mitanni during some periods. Even Troy was a tributary vassal of theirs. So, everything about them would have been pretty formidable.
Could Troy have been a Hittite city?
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Could Troy have been a Hittite city?
It was 'Hittite' in so much as it was closely allied to the Hittites, but the Trojan people were culturally separate/distinct from the Hittites. It seems that they had more in common culturally with the Aegean and western Anatolian peoples than they did with the Hittites.


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Could Troy have been a Hittite city?
To the extent one associates Troy with Wilusa from Hittite sources, the answer is unquestionably a no as we have extant records which explain the nature of the relationship in some detail. Wilusa was reduced to vassalage, apparently more than once. But it was recognized as being part of a separate geopolitical entity like other vassal states surrounding core Hittite territory. While the kings of these states were often propped up by and took their marching orders from Hittite rulers under vassal treaties, they held real power within their own lands as well. They also variously experienced periods of rebellion and independence from Hatti as well as vassalage to other nearby powers.
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Could Troy have been a Hittite city?
They were involved with the Hittites -- we know this from the Hittite records.

The Hittite writings indicate it is an independent city, but the written evidence found around Troy is the Luwian language, which is related to Hittite and the main language of the Hittite Empire.
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