The day that the Portuguese army

Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
The day that the Portuguese army conquered Madrid.
Yes, the title is not misleading. There was the day when the Portuguese army conquered Madrid, commanded by the Marquis of the Mines.

On June 28, 1706, in an army of 14700 Portuguese and 4,200 Anglo-Dutch, under the command of Marquis of the Mines, d António Luis de Sousa, entered madrud after about 500 km and during 3 months of operations in land of Spain.

More than 8,000 prisoners were deployed and more than 100 pieces of artillery were fired in the various battles that took place against the Franco-Spanish forces commanded by the Duke of Berwick.
The company of the Marquis of the Mines was realized in the scope of the war the succession of Spain, that took place between 1706 and 1714.

O. Portugal de D.Pedro II, who was part of the great commonwealth, together with England, Austria and Holland, in this occupation of Madrid the king of Spain acclaimed the Archduke Charles of Habsburg.

Later, the candidate Filipe de Anjou, grandson of luis siv de Françe.viria to triumph and to inaugurate the dynasty bourbon that still reigns in Spain today.
If D.António Luis de Sousa had been born French it would probably be equated with Napoleon, his capture of madrid in 1706 Puts it at this level because at the moment, we do not talk about this feat, it is perhaps difficult to evaluate what it meant in military terms, not the political one, that António Luis de Sousa, according to Marques das Minas 1644-1721 appears to us as a pre- Napoleon.