The defeats of the british navy


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Jul 2015
Not many I suppose. Do you think that someone here is going to have this information at their fingertips or do you expect someone to do the research for you?
Probably more defeats than other nations, due to the amount of encounters.
But to answer the question, just google Michiel de Ruyter.


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Aug 2015
Mostly by French and Dutch in my opinion:

British naval defeats in Anglo Dutch wars:

1. war (1652-1654)

1652- Plymouth
1652- Dungeness
1653- Leghorn

2. war (1665-1667)

1665- Vagen
1666- Four Day's Battle

3. war (1672-1674)

1673- Schooneveld
1673- Texel


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Jul 2017
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Dutch raid on the Medway 1667

Defeat of Force Z by Japan 1941

Defeats to Germany:

Battle of Coronel 1914
Battle of the Denmark Straight 1941
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Raid on the Medway and the rest of de Ruyter's career are a good place to start. Some minor ones in the Napoleonic Wars are Lake Erie (1813.) various frigate battles in America. Grand Port (1810.) Raid on Boulogne (1801.) Attack on Cadiz (1797.) Diamond Rock (1805.) and dozens of minor frigate and small ships actions which resulted in some minor British defeats and some minor British victories.


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Jul 2017
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Counting single ship losses, and the Denmark Straight would really be in that category, then I think the tally of Royal Navy defeats begins with the loss of the Revenge to the Spanish in 1577.

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