The European Union.

Jul 2006
well, amalia1985,i replied Nikd because he implied, really he did, that Turkey needs civilization. that's so obvious or am i being paranoid and a little bit nationalist?

and i said, yes, if Turkey needs The Eu to be more civilized, then we do not need it at all. because you have been a member of the eu for decades and what i have seen in Greece indicates that The Eu is too bad at 'making sb/sth civilized'.

Greece, Hellas Hora Tou Fotos ! i love Ancient Greece! everything about it but i have to agree with Dr.Realizm about the origin of civilization. Greece, and comparatively Rome, can be the source of western civilization. but people also have to accept that Greece was not alone. Miseastern and Anatolian contributions can not be denied at all.

you think the greatest leader in the world is Alexander, amalia. so you have to study his life better then you will see today's greece owns a lot to the East.
i am not insulting any country at all. i might be misunderstood. if offended anyone, i am sorry.

yes, we are friends, by the way.

that's all.
Be sure that i have great respect for your country and i will glad discuss some topics about Turkish history, i like personally the story for the 1st and 2nd siege of Vienna but had only read Austrian version, why don't you open a topic about this and give and the "other" side?
Sep 2007
Yes, it wasn't good at all. I mean, it was sufficient enough in terms of visual art and such, but the way the themes were treated was indeed-as you called it-horrible. And I don't mean in terms of Alexander's sexuality and such, this was fine about me, I accept it, but he had a very good actor to deal with, and all he achieved to do as a director was to turn him into a pumpkin...