The Excitement Of War

Jun 2006
Does anyone here else get excited about a new war boiling up? Like I was excited when the Untied States declared war on Iraq, but now I could careless about the whole thing.
Jun 2006
Montana Mountains
I don't think anyone is excited to go to war, especially the soldiers who are being sent off to fight.
Jun 2006
I think this is our destiny to be prepared and thrilled about the war at any stage after our 16th year of life :D
And adrenalin is so builiding up for me when I get my rifle on military excersises. Well maybe some not but overall I think all men do like war and stuff...
Jun 2006
Virginia, United States
Unfortunately, humans do often get excited about warfare, particularly in the early stages. World War I and the Iraqi invasion in 2003 are good examples. Once reality sets in, then the population steps back on a "maybe this wasn't such a good idea" footing. It's just a typical human reaction when something big is about to happen. I don't think it reflects too badly on our nature, especially since most of the time we have the sense to recognize that war is mostly, but not always, a pathetic adventure.
Jun 2006
yes I remember "Shock and Awe" everyone was excited about being able to witness warfare live on TV for the first time. I remember watching fox news and it'd be like oh theres another bomb being dropped in the background.

People do get excited about war, and thats not a good thing. We get excited about going in there and doing to right thing. We get excited about the possibility of triumph and glory.