The First American


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Mar 2012
I wonder if after Washington was off the books they wouldn't follow his advice by avoiding leaders of factions and perhaps choosing a less controversial, perhaps more generally admired figure such as Benjamin Rush (died 1813) or John Jay (died 1829).
May 2018
"First American" doesn't necessarily mean an ordinal procession of Americans. It can also carry a meaning similar to that of a Roman princeps or "First Citizen."


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Aug 2015
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Excellent point. I think you are right. We should pick the person AT THAT MOMENT OF DEATH of the "First American" that has impacted the United States the most. Andrew Jackson seems like a very logical choice. If so, he'd carry that title from 1826 to 1845.
As far as I remember, the greatest american generals in the War of 1812 when Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) gained his fame were probably Jacob Brown (1775-1828) and Winfield Scott (1786-1866). Winfield Scott has been called by some the greatest American general of all time, and as an unsuccessful presidential candidate his political career was much less disastrous for the country than Andrew Jackson's successful run for president.