The first attempt to condemn communism.

May 2012
In the Land of Russia where the Shadows lie
September 21 marked eighty one years from the date of the beginning of the process of Leipzig - the famous legal process about the burning of the Reichstag in February 1933 that the Nazis has organized with a single purpose: to discredit and to put out of low and morality the international communist movement. Nazis chose their main target: the deputy of parliamentary faction of the Communist Party of Germany in the Reichstag Ernst Togler and a group of the Bulgarian Communists, headed by Georgi Dimitrov, who lived at that time in Germany.

Togler fainthearted and eventually ended up as a Gestapo agent and henchman of Goebbels. Bulgarian Communists Tanev and Popov spoke very little of German in order to be able to defend successfully.

But Georgi Dimitrov, who spoke several languages, including German, very quickly became the accuser instead of the accused. All the power of the Nazi penal system and all the propaganda were powerless before the powerful intellect and spirit of the man.

The Nazis were unable to crack up the great revolutionist by physical force: Dimitrov was shackled in prison in anticipation of the court for five months. It was then when he knew about the death of his wife. But despite the torturing prison conditions and cruel stroke of fate, Georgi Dimitrov was able to prepare for trial. From the earliest days of judgment the intellectual and spiritual superiority of Dimitrov over his accusers and judges became obvious. His questions to witnesses gave the lie to them, his speech denounced the Nazis as provocateurs, his answers to the judges sounded like an accusation of the Nazis.

What was conceived by the Nazis as a lawsuit against the Communists, Dimitrov turned into a trial of Nazism, showing the whole world the vile and ugly nature of this phenomenon.

In the end, the Nazis were forced to abandon the direct radiobroadcasts of the process. Dimitrov said the famous: "You are afraid of my questions, attorney" and it could not more accurately reflect this legal process.

Nazi penal system was powerless against the force of the spirit and the intellectual superiority of the Bulgarian Communist and the Nazi court had to justify the Communists.

But Dimitrov was not satisfied and prepared a lawsuit against the Nazi regime for defamation, demanding at the same time to replace the phrase "lack of evidence" on "for lack of crime in the act".

Dimitrov was not alone during the process - the Leipzig process has not left the rest of the world untouched. Liberation Dimitrov and his comrades was demanded by Romain Rolland, Albert Einstein, Henri Barbusse, and an International Commission of Inquiry, created of the best lawyer of the world, held a counter-trial of the burning of the Reichstag in London, where they fully proved the guilt of the Nazis.

It was the first moral and political victory over the Nazis and that was the Communists who won it,who selflessly and uncompromisingly fought against Nazism since the first till the last day, during all the years of this anti-human regime.

Anticommunists, reading these lines, of course,will immediately seize upon the so called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact .

In this regard,I want to remind anticommunist gentlemen a number of historical facts:

1.Soviet authorities expelled from the Soviet Union all German journalists during the trail,and in turn, withdrew Soviet journalists from Germany.It happened after German authorities didn't allow Soviet journalists to attend the process.At that time it was an unprecedented diplomatic incident.

2.Soviet Communists and German Nazi met in open battle in 1936 during the battle of the Republican Spain.

3.In 1938 the Red Army was ready to help Czechoslovakia.In other words, the Soviet Union even in 1938 was ready to start a full-scale war against Nazi Germany.Poland foiled plans of the USSR having refused to provide a coridor for the Soviet troops.At the same time, the Soviet Union unsuccessfully tried to create a coalition with Western countries against the Third Reich, known as "the system of collective security."That's why it is obvious that the above-mentioned agreement between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was a forced agreement with an enemy, not with a friend.

Back tho the process of Leipzig: one of the consequences of this process was the Nazi's rejection of the trail of еру leader of the German Communists Ernst Thalmann.Nazis fearing re fiasco killed Thalmann killed without trial in 1944.

In short, the Leipzig process is a good reminder to all anti-communists who try to condemn communism.