The first submarine attack


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
Weren't those just very low in the water and powered by steam? I thought they were ineffective because they were too low and their boilers always got flooded. The Hunley was like a step up from the David boat, but even that was too far ahead of its time.


Historum Emeritas
Jun 2006
By the time of the final mission, the engineers who were developing the Hunley almost had all the problems solved. When I was speaking with the man who has been in the sub, he said the crew was found at their stations laid over on the crank. Which means their deaths were almost instant. While he can't give out a lot of information because it hasn't been officially released. Unless water ran over the bulk heads at such speed that they couldn't attempt escape.
Jul 2006
Lord_Cronus said:
Members, I just came back from a local reenactment, and the organizers invited a man who has built an actual size hunley with all the gizmos in it. What's even more interesting is this guy was the first one inside the sub after it was pulled out of Charleston Harbor. I only have one picture. My mother took them, and when I told her to you know go over and look around it and take it in I guess she didn't get the hint. I had to run to an officer's meeting.

Anyway, I'll get the one up for everyone to see and see if I can find some more of it. It's wickedly awesome and an engineering marvel.
You ... you .. lucky man ! :rolleyes: