The Flam Railway

Aug 2018
Over Christmas 2018 I have been reading through a number of old copies of 'The Railway Magazine'. Most of the magazines were from 1950. I found an article about the Flam Railway in Norway and thought that members of the forum might be interested.The railway provides the connection between the national railway network in Norway and the Sognefjord.

It was the plan of the 'spiral at the head of the valley that grabbed my attention.

The Flam Railway in 1950
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Aug 2011
I've been on the Myrdal to Flam branch line a couple of times in the 1970s and was in Flam last May, but I arrived by ship then, not rail. The line now is popular with cruise ship tourists but it is expensive and, because of schedules, you just go up to the top, stay on the train and then go back down. A better idea is to hire a bike, take it on the train with a one way ticket and then cycle down on the trail which takes a different route from the rail track. For anyone catching the train from Oslo to Bergen, it is worth getting off at Myrdal and going down the line to Flam for a day. The photo below gives a good idea of the train at the head of the valley. You can see the line and tunnel on the left of the photo.


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