the fur trade


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Jun 2006
Jacksonville, FL
How important was the fur trade to the development of the Ohio Valley and great lakes region during the 1600-1700s?
Jun 2006
I think it was very important. Most of the fur trading was done further north, up near Canada by the French settlers. The demand for fur, especially beaver, was really high in the 1700s or so.

Colonist set up fur trading ports and outposts that would eventually turn into towns and cities.
Feb 2007
I agree, as well. The fur trade is the single most important reason that brought the British to "Northern" North America. I'm not so sure about the French who seemed more interested in exploration and bringing religion to the region. The Dutch apear to be playing both sides, selling rifles and arming tribes against each other. It is my belief that it was the fur trade more than any other endeavour which wiped out any aboriginal resistance allowing settlement of the Ohio Valley as well as what became Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Here is the Hudson's Bay Company story. Very interesting stuff for us Canadians...

Feb 2007
Actually, in the 1600s and 1700s, the French claimed everything from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River, and they were very interested in the fur trade.