The future of finding out more about the past

Jun 2013
It's true that decades of the 3rd century, in fact the whole of the 3rd century, in fact the whole period of the Roman Empire, like yesterday, no longer exist.

But in the past, they did exist.

I would be surprised if there are no written records for whole decades of the 3rd century. They may be scarce, but I think there are some from that time.
Absolutely in the past they did exist. it's my understanding that Dexippus' Chronike covered the period in intricate depth. Sythica covered the Gothic invasions of the period. He wrote of the 250s to 270 (he died 272). Eunapius picked up the chronicles as a Universal History, incorporating Dexippus and adding more. All these works are gone. Zosimus (two and a half centuries later) used Eunapius so this means we get everything from Zosimus and nothing from contemporary historians.