The future of technology.


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Aug 2009
The development of the computer and internet probably have had the biggest impact on the way modern society operates and interacts.

What are some predictions about the future of technology and how it will impact society at large?

What is the next big break through that will revolutionize the way society operates?
Feb 2009
Glasgow, UK
Stem cell therapy and gene therapy are the two big technologies that will not only revolutionise medicine but society too.

Defeating the diseases of aging and excess will change the world. People in 100 years time will look back in horror at the fact that cancers and hereditary diseases killed so many in the early 21st century in the same way that we look back on late 19th century medicine as primitive.


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Apr 2008
Sodom and Begorrah
I reckon the computer-brain link is going to be awesome. When they develop a way to upload the electrical network that is a mind into an artificial environment we will then have immortality.


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Jun 2009
western Terranova
the following is pretty much derived from Ghost in the Shell

i would imagine inthe near future that computers will become more and more integrated into human life. by the turn of the century, itll probably be that everyday people will have cyber-brains, that is, computers built directly into one's brain(as the name suggests). however, i actually find this very scary. have you ever had a virus on your computer? now imagine that in your own mind. (shudders)

prosthetic technology will almost certainly advance further, to the point where accident victims who lose their mobility will be able to have their cyber-brains transferred into a new, fully synthetic body just like their natural one. special forces soldiers will probably receive prosthetic enhancements that turn them into supersoldiers, though, simply for costs, most armies will probably keep having flesh-and-blood troopers

military technology will advance significantly. anime-like mecha as construction tools are already in production, so by the turn of the century we'll probably be able to expect mecha pilots on the battlefield alongside regular infantry. these'll probably be grittier than the knightmares of Code Geass (which i find to be some of fiction's most realistic mecha), but they'll probably be just as effective.

in the next fifty, forty, or maybe even twenty years, we can probably expect to see powered exo-skeleton soldiers hitting the battlefield, becoming the new heavy infantry. with exo-suits, soldiers would be able to walk straight through heavy fire without getting a scratch on them

by the 2200s, we'll probably have at least the precursors to permanent off-world colonies, most likely on the moon; mars is simply too far away for us to get anything permanent over there at the moment. but with a base on the moon, i would imagine that manned trips to mars would be the next step