The Germans in Paris (1940-1944)

May 2017
Hello everybody and dear specialists.Why did not the Germans recuperate for heir war s industry the iron of the Eiffel tower ?


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
I've never reasoned about this, what I know is that Hitler wasn't able to reach the top of the Tour: French guys deactivated the elevators and when the German asked why they didn't work they answered that some spare parts were missing and difficult to find because of the war. Hitler renounced to take the stairs ...

Anyway the German dictator liked Paris as trophy [he didn't want to bomb it if not forced by circumstances, it was only at the end that he ordered to bomb the city not to leave it in the hands of the advancing allied armies], so I imagine that the Tour was necessary to preserve the image of the city [but I ignore if they thought to dismantle it or not].