The "Gilets Jaunes" in France: a revolution unfolding in front of our eyes ?

Apr 2013
New Verulamium
with Britain twisting it's knickers in knots , France with a serious bout of revolutionary fever
Italy broke and Germany lost at sea without her pilot
the whole idea of the EU is looking like to collapse
the unrestrained expansion was probably a big mistake , too much , too fast , too indiscriminate ,
taking on " new " Europe was always an American desire to weaken the institution and make it into the economic counterpart of NATO
The issues facing those countries are almost entirely domestic, in other words very little to do with EU expansion policy. The only way in which expansion has affected politics is through the manipulated perception of the effects of free movement that the British public have been bombarded with over the years.
Apr 2013
New Verulamium
One can only hope the Yellow Vests act on proposals to run candidates as part of the 2019 European elections, hopefully that will suck support from the National Rally enabling En Marche to come first in polling. Thankfully it would appear the decline in their polling ratings has been arrested, EM appears to have been ahead since early January.
Apr 2013
New Verulamium
The "yellow jerseys" are not doing a revolution,but they prove that capitalism cannot satisfy 100 % of the population.This movement has not a clear political is an incident of the history.
Of course it's not a clear political project, but that doesn't mean it can't morph into one, along the lines of populist movements in Italy. All the movement needs is a list of candidates and a set of demands and it is almost guaranteed some electoral success.
May 2017
As you are historian,you know very much that there is a revolution when important forces which supported the power pass into the forces of the revolution.In France, it is completely different because nobody wants to ally with them.The populism has a long tradition in France:petain,Poujade,Le Pen...And the political parties which practicises populism are strong:Le Pen for the right,Mel


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
A movement which become a party is prostituting itself to the Governance
revolution is when the whole governance is discarded by force