the great constitutional crisis


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
In a massive surprise , a very rich newcomer succeed to the ultimate position at the head of the state
the old power networks are shocked to the core ,
even more when this populist overturn the state strategy of decreasing the foreign policy focus on the middle east
instead he want to act to stop threats to the land borders closer to home

a massive underground war take place , the new man is attacked on all sides
legal , financial , judicial troubles multiply yet he remain unbowed
assassination cannot be though off , he is too popular his enemies too visible
the "deep state" concentrate on his son who is charged and condemned with malfeasance , bribery and corruption
after many years of struggle , the broken old man withdrew from active political life
it wasn't enough for his enemies who forced his resignation in disgrace

The doge Francesco Foscari died of a broken heart a week later in November 1457
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