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Jan 2009
I'm not sure if you are all familiar with this website (I wasn't until a few weeks back, but it might be different especially for the US users around here), but they have quite a lot of history courses, from ancient to modern history.
(Here's the link: Link deleted, if they ask for money it´s an ad. Hope this doesn't fall under advertisement, I'm certainly not affiliated with them).

To the ones familiar with these courses: what do you generally think of the courses? Is it worth listening to them? (I'm aware it often depends on the course and the professors teaching the classes, my question is more about the general worth of the courses as a means to learn about history).

I have already gotten a few courses and I'm quite content for now. A tip for anyone interested in these courses: you can get them from Audible for free if you get their free subscription (and this also applies to most of their other Audible domains). And they're not as expensive as from the original site (although they do have major sales, apparently).

Oh and I hope this is in the right subforum. Otherwise feel free to move it to wherever it belongs to, of course.

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Jul 2011
I really like the "famous romans" and "famous Greeks" courses. the lecturer (prof. Fears) is a great storyteller.

Also the "early, high and late middle ages" from prf Dailearder are quitte nice.

My all time favorite is the course from prof Noble on the popes and the papacy (although it is a bit outdated now)