The greatest statesman history has ever produced

Dec 2017
In your opinion who is the greatest statesman. My vote goes to Otto von Bismark. What do you think

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Jun 2017
Abe Lincoln.
Henry Clay. People focus on the importance of the Civil War but the events in between the Revolution and the Civil War that set the stage for that, so often get ignored(in the US this era was not even taught to me in school, wouldn't expect it to be taught to people outside of the US if the US doesn't really value it). Man stopped a civil war 3 different times over the course of his life and his "American system" of tariffs, a central US bank and infrastructure spending was the formula for US industrial development generations before it's time. No doubt the model for the domestic agenda that Lincoln himself was able to sign into law(minus the central bank) in the absence of the southern opposition which resisted Clay so fiercely over the course of his life.

I think your choice would agree with me on this:) Called him his "beau ideal of a statesman".

Lincoln's Eulogy on Henry Clay

He was the first man in US history to ever be laid in state.
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Oct 2016
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Salahuddin Yousef Ayyubi. Known in English as Saladin.

Liberated al Quds (Jerusalem) from the Firanj (French) crusaders. Saved Misr (Egypt) from the invaders. Was known for his chivalrous conduct. Champion of his people and the hero of justice against tyranny.