The Hun royals may be the same group of Scythian loyals.

Nov 2015
In Korea, there was an ancient kingdom, called ”shilla”, existing for 1 thousand years until about 800 AD.

They had the same civilization as the Scythian had, so called golden civilization; same types of royal crown, kurgan, caste system and four different color clothes by caste. Like the Scythian royals, the royals of shilla wore also red color clothes with a deformed head, so called, “ corn head”, which means the symbolization of Sun by tengrism in east Asia. Moreover their gene was so close to that of Scythian, totally different from current Korean’s.

The problem is some valuable remains in tombs which belonged to the Huns:

The most valuable sword was supposed to be made by East Rome artisan during the Attila regime in Europe. Only three of same sword has been found, in East Europe, Kazakhstan, and Korea;

And Hun soldier with big nose;

If the royals of Scythian and Hun were enemy, there would be impossible for two cultures to be existed during one dynasty located at the end of Korean peninsula.
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