The Italian Republics are overrated

Jul 2017
They aren't overrated, this is your opinion op. Did you read at least some of their history? Just curious.
They were among the powerful states during Middle Ages and for good reasons. Apart from being wealthy states they also made technological innovations. Amalfi invented the first maritime code (Amlfitan laws) later used by successive European powers such as Spain.

Venice fought the Ottomans because it got help from the HRE and its allies, not by itself.
Completely false. Venice fought alone most of its wars against Ottomans and (while still losing) managed to keep Ottomans away from mainland Italy. It also fought against the HRE gaining territories on mainland (present day Trento and parts of Friuli). HRE also tried to invade Ancona multiple times and lost... an empire against a city... lol
Apr 2018
Italian state cities had a huge impact:

-in financing and economic sector they invented banks, cheques, double entry system, companies
- in art and culture with the Reinassance
- in military also contribuing to defend Europe from Arab and Ottomans (at lepanto almost the whole freet was italian) and with modern fortification.