The Jews Soldiers of Hitler .

Jan 2019
The jews soldiers of Hitler

Summary of the book

La Tragédie des Soldats Juifs d’Hitler .
Bryan M.Rigg
Edition de Fallois .

Once again, a very interessant book about a very bad known subject .
A book that dive you into the administrative madness of whole a system .

The main question is that : following the way of that you decide who is « jews » and who is not "jews" ,you win or lost 500.000 soldiers,
because, if you are jews ,you couldn'be incorporated in the german army …

During the WWII 18.000.000 of germans they have been at one time or another soldiers ,and among them 180.000 were jews,
and could be find everywhere at every ranks .

All this story can only been explained by the incredible mess of all the german administrative system during the nazi’s periode :

  • The overlaping of the administrations
  • The overlaping of the ranks
  • The constant change of orders and general decisions

The definition of « the Jews » has moved during the nazi’s periode
The central problem was the « blood » ; you are « jews » if one of your parent was « jews » or if two of your great parents were "jews" .
There are others criteria for exemple the appearance and the religion ....

The circumcision was not an absolut criteria :

  • Some germans ware circumcised
  • Some jews ware not circumcised … (for the jews the decision of circumcision is on the responsability of the father ,
    and the appartenance at the jews community is function of the blood (once again …) of the mother).

We can see immediately the absurdity of this reasonement :

  • a) We see yet that the jews is defined (now) by the appartenance or not of his parents (in the past) at a communauty with which we are trying (now) to decide who is jews and who is not …thus it's a vicious circle ...
  • b) the reason of this hunt was the risk of empoisonement of german blood by the jews blood .
    Following the nazi’s , the germans are stronger than the jews … thus ,why the german blood wasn’t stronger than the jewish blood so that only the « full jews » would be « Jews » ?
  • c) If we discrimine a half jews why couldn’t we say too that we discrimine a half german ?

The problem for the Jews was very complex with arguments to ask the status of jews , or to ask the status of german .
The answer at this question will change during the nazi’s periode ,because the consequences of this choice will change too ; in a first periode ,you lost only your job,in an other you lost your live too …
In a first time same, some jews (who where not know as "jews") are telling spontaneusly at the army that they are « Jews » only to escape at the war … bad idea ... … « fatal error » ….
During the same time some of the « ¼ of jews » on the countrary, are trying to do her best into the nazi’s army to prove that they are « good germans » in the aim to protect her live and her family .

Despite these absurdity ,we can imagine the enormous administrative charge that so a question raise ...

Like each time ... Sorry for my english ... i do my best ....