The Kensington Runestone

Jul 2018
I'm going to start recapping quite a few comments and postings. Please stay in touch with the main facebook posting and comments. Some of the comments are coming from people who have followed this line of research for more the 10 years. The current postings on this site started with posting #317. We have covered a tremendous amount of research on the coding numbers of the KS (Kensington Runestone). It all really started with the "8,22" combination and the flash of recognition that it represented Ptolemy coordinates. They shot the map right to Alexandria, Egypt. Bingo. What an insight. And here we are today. The researchers have shown that over 33 maps have the NT (Newport Tower) accurately placed within FEET of its real life location. They have shown the alignments of the NT. They have shown the connection to Rosslyn Chapel. They have shown connection to the Templar round churches of the UK. And they have proven the "Hooked X" to be of LATIN origin and NOT Nordic (Viking or whatever). They have shown the connection with the "Megalithic Yard". They have shown the connection with the ancient Babylonian empire. They have shown the geometry can be traced to the "Vedic period, or Vedic age (c. 1500 – c. 500 BCE) AND they have shown and proven that the research done on the NT is incomplete, and very possibility, fraudulent. The academics claimed the site had ZERO artifacts but the group showed there were thousands of pieces removed from the site during restorations. And the group has shown by photographic evidence, the existence of "foundation" construction at Torro Park.

A few members of this forum have posted a few questions, etc. and this has been recognized. What has NOT been shown is the, sometimes rancid responses over the last 9 years, of some of the members and their complete lack of recognition of what they have posted and yet claimed established history as theirs with the idea that ALL of research had been done with nothing new added to the history. The posting on this forum have since shown the complete fallacy of their position. The research, if done at all, is the biggest piece of historical butchery that we have seen. And yet, they are now silent. We have asked for input. All the work shown was done at no cost or price. It has been done for "free". The hours expended is enormous. The travel (plane tickets, auto expenses, hotels, etc) and photographic equipment were the expense of the researchers. Has there been public recognition. There has been quite a bit. I am just a messenger but the "email" track I'm on is 81 addresses long. Just this "track" covers all continents except Antarctica. I am by no means on the main tracks. Will some of this information make it to the new show by Scott Wolter of America Unearthed (Travel Channel). I would hope so. Does this mean the research has been reviewed and vetted. Of course it has. Did we use the fraudulent process currently known as "academic peer review". On some of the information it was and APPROVED. The rest has been supported and reviewed by many. Did they have the credentials for this. What do you think. Did the researchers have backup and proven ancient and medieval documentation. That's pretty much ALL that was used. Has even the Vatican shown documents that prove this. Yes, they have. The "Hooked X" is 100% genuine and not a forgery as claimed. We are challenging the academics to explain their positions. We will have no problem pointing out the fallacy of their position.

"North American "continent" history as we have been taught is wrong....." (Wolter, America Unearthed).

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thought I would throw this out there......and then the historians say "but you have no proof....."

wonder why..
9 million books is an absurd figure. The Wikipedia estimate is lower by at least a magnitude.

The exact number of volumes in the Nalanda library is not known, but it is estimated to have been in the hundreds of thousands
Nalanda - Wikipedia

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