The Kensington Runestone

Jul 2018
I'm going to start recapping quite a few comments and postings. Please stay in touch with the main facebook posting and comments. Some of the comments are coming from people who have followed this line of research for more the 10 years. The current postings on this site started with posting #317. We have covered a tremendous amount of research on the coding numbers of the KS (Kensington Runestone). It all really started with the "8,22" combination and the flash of recognition that it represented Ptolemy coordinates. They shot the map right to Alexandria, Egypt. Bingo. What an insight. And here we are today. The researchers have shown that over 33 maps have the NT (Newport Tower) accurately placed within FEET of its real life location. They have shown the alignments of the NT. They have shown the connection to Rosslyn Chapel. They have shown connection to the Templar round churches of the UK. And they have proven the "Hooked X" to be of LATIN origin and NOT Nordic (Viking or whatever). They have shown the connection with the "Megalithic Yard". They have shown the connection with the ancient Babylonian empire. They have shown the geometry can be traced to the "Vedic period, or Vedic age (c. 1500 – c. 500 BCE) AND they have shown and proven that the research done on the NT is incomplete, and very possibility, fraudulent. The academics claimed the site had ZERO artifacts but the group showed there were thousands of pieces removed from the site during restorations. And the group has shown by photographic evidence, the existence of "foundation" construction at Torro Park.

A few members of this forum have posted a few questions, etc. and this has been recognized. What has NOT been shown is the, sometimes rancid responses over the last 9 years, of some of the members and their complete lack of recognition of what they have posted and yet claimed established history as theirs with the idea that ALL of research had been done with nothing new added to the history. The posting on this forum have since shown the complete fallacy of their position. The research, if done at all, is the biggest piece of historical butchery that we have seen. And yet, they are now silent. We have asked for input. All the work shown was done at no cost or price. It has been done for "free". The hours expended is enormous. The travel (plane tickets, auto expenses, hotels, etc) and photographic equipment were the expense of the researchers. Has there been public recognition. There has been quite a bit. I am just a messenger but the "email" track I'm on is 81 addresses long. Just this "track" covers all continents except Antarctica. I am by no means on the main tracks. Will some of this information make it to the new show by Scott Wolter of America Unearthed (Travel Channel). I would hope so. Does this mean the research has been reviewed and vetted. Of course it has. Did we use the fraudulent process currently known as "academic peer review". On some of the information it was and APPROVED. The rest has been supported and reviewed by many. Did they have the credentials for this. What do you think. Did the researchers have backup and proven ancient and medieval documentation. That's pretty much ALL that was used. Has even the Vatican shown documents that prove this. Yes, they have. The "Hooked X" is 100% genuine and not a forgery as claimed. We are challenging the academics to explain their positions. We will have no problem pointing out the fallacy of their position.

"North American "continent" history as we have been taught is wrong....." (Wolter, America Unearthed).

america unearthed episodes - Bing video

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Jul 2018
I can buy the lower number but then we also have no clue on the library of Alexandria either. Just how little do we really know about even 2000 years ago, let alone 700 years on the Newport Tower. Based on these conditions, the group only works with cold, hard facts. If the alignments fit, then its that age. We really don't deal with hyperbole. If a person says Benedict built the "tower" then show us the construction documents. And then show us how he built the "tower" with alignments that were 250 years older then the man. I posted that article to show the discrepancy of history. The only FACT we have is the library was burned down, the date and by whom and how many people were butchered because of narrow minded religion. That's it. And near as I can tell, this is only from ONE history document. Not much to go on....
Aug 2011
NEWS regarding the Kensington runestone and its possible (fake) origins:

at Ersk-Matsgården i Hassela in Hälsingland quite close to where Olof Öhman was born, many runes of the same type as on the stone have been found recently. Speculations have arisen that OÖ and others used this kind of runes as secret language, and on the stone as a practical joke.

In Swedish radio. The teacher Anna Björk and her pupils started to decipher the runes.

Now that was possibly the end of that.....
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thought I would throw this out there......and then the historians say "but you have no proof....."

wonder why..
Yep, historians are really nasty guys. We should stick to Facebook! There is a lot of knowledge there.


Wait... this is a history Forum! Why should I dismiss historians in a history forum?
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Jul 2018
today's excitement.....enjoy
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Design Element
Start with the circle. It can represent the 24-hour day or the 365.2422 days in a year. A half-circle represents a half-day of 12 hours, or referenced to a year, the half-year defined by the EQUINOCTIAL POINTS. On each Equinox there are EQUAL PARTS DAY AND NIGHT. On the Equinox the Length of Day (LoD) is 12 hours. Therefore, the Length of Night (LoN) is 12 hours.

The yellow-shaded half-circle represents the LoD of 12 hours on the Equinox.

As the Earth’s annual axial tilt moves from the 0.00° value on the Equinox to the maximum +23.43° (present-day) axial tilt value of the Summer Solstice, the LoD value increases while the LoN decreases.

It is the Earth’s annual axial tilt movement which causes the RISING and SETTING HORIZON POINT of the Sun to representationally “butterfly” on the perimeter of the circle (which is representationally the horizon). At the Summer Solstice the RISING/SETTING POINTS are at their most northerly points on the circle’s perimeter. The points are at their most southerly positions on the Winter Solstice.

Back to the diagram. We already mentioned that the yellow-shaded half-circle represents the LoD of 12 hours on the Equinox. Therefore, the unshaded, upper part of the circle is the 12 hours of darkness on the Equinox.

Every circle has an X and a Y axis. The unshaded portion of the Y axis represents 90° of latitude (the angular distance on the Earth between the EQUATOR and the NORTH POLE).

The “butterfly” wings move symmetrically – just like the Sun on the horizon. When the wings are fully closed, which occurs when they are aligned vertically and they touch the North Pole, the Length of Day is 24 hours in length. When the wings are perfectly horizontal, the Length of Day is 12 hours.

It’s conceptual, folks.

Plot one-hour increments on the arc-segment of the upper, unshaded half-circle. A one-hour increment on one side of Y-axis produces a one-hour increment on the opposite side of the Y-axis. The total increase in Length of Day, using these one-hour increments, results in a two-hour increase. You can see this on the slide.

Where does the 14-hour Length of Day intersect the 24-hour circle? It happens at the 285° and 75° points.

The EGG’s southerly-most position on the structure begins at 284.322°. This is a match.
The EGG’s vertical dimension is 20.625” (1.71875’). This is the CUBIT.
The ratio of the EGG’s vertical (20.625”) to its horizontal dimension (12.00”) is 1.71875. This is the CUBIT.
The positioning of the EGG on the structure, expressed as a ratio of Length of Day (24h / 14h) is 1.714285. This is the CUBIT.

The East Window Lightbox intersects the EGG on 01 May. The Length of Day on 01 May is exactly 14 hours in length. 24h / 14h = 1.714285. This is the CUBIT. This event synchronized to the 14-hour Length of Day, then repeats itself in early August. The alignment onto the face of the EGG is symmetrical at 96 minutes AFTER sunrise.
The 75° position on the interior of the NT is the vertical edge of the south side of the Fireplace. We know this because of the timing event on the Winter Solstice. The South Window Lightbox intersects the southern edge of the EGG 97 minutes AFTER sunrise. In the afternoon, the South Window Lightbox intersects the southern edge of the Fireplace 96 minutes PRIOR TO sunset.
Take a 360° circle and divide it by the CUBIT value:
360° / 1.714285 = 210.000087°

Let’s see…210.000087° is a half-circle of 180° and a remainder of 30°. We have to split that 30° equally, so we have two 15° arc segments.

270° + 15° = 285°. Hey! That is where the south edge of the EGG is positioned!
90° - 15° = 75°. Hey! That is where the south edge of the Fireplace is positioned!
We are working with ratios. Any two numerical values that produces the result of 1.714285 can be considered CUBIT EQUIVALENT.

For example, let’s use 24° / 14°. This produces the CUBIT EQUIVALENT of 1.714285.

If the 24° and 14° represents LONGITUDE, then they can be expressed as TIME-DEGREES, using the conversion value of 4 minutes per 1°. This conversion is set up by 1440 minutes in a day divided by 360° in a day (the full NYCHTHEMERON comprised of the Length of Day and Length of Night components added together).

24° * 4 minutes / 1° = 96 minutes.
14° * 4 minutes / 1° = 56 minutes.

96 minutes / 56 minutes = 1.714285; CUBIT EQUIVALENT
By itself, 96 minutes of longitude is 24°.

Is there anything of interest that might be offset from the Newport Tower by approximately 24°?
Sure, there is lots of stuff!

Let’s restrict our search a bit by limiting the search zone to within the azimuth arc of the EGG, which is 284.322° to 291.019°. This is still a pretty big zone.

Let’s further restrict our search to an area focused on the 284.322° azimuth. This azimuth, starting at the Newport Tower, intersects the longitude of the Kensington Rune Stone (KRS) at a point 11 miles north of the stone’s discovery location. Fairly close, but not perfect.

What is the longitude distance, in degrees, between the KRS and the Newport Tower, then Narragansett Rune Stone (NRS)?
- [KRS; -95.661242° ] - [NT; -71.309875°] = 24.351367° (24° 21' 4.92") (97.40 minutes)
- [KRS; -95.661242° ] - [NRS; -71.408000°] = 24.253242° (24° 15' 11.67") (97.01 minutes)
Not bad, not bad at all.
The Newport Tower’s design incorporated Length of Day and Length of Night values. In some applications, it is literal. The EGG and Fireplace-position are literal.

To understand the NT and KRS and NRS, one has to EXAMINE the artifacts directly.

Jul 2018
for those who really want to understand the "megalithic" measurement - enjoy. Its the root of all this. And of course, a copy of these two books are important. Reading them just might change your "line of thinking"...

Phippsburg History Center

Two additions to the cheat sheet. The first is the direct conversion between the Anglo-Saxon system to the English Imperial system, via the nautical mile. You can see this is the lower, right corner in the green-shaded box. The second is Ptolemy's use of his 180,000 stadia Earth circumference to define the radius, and then by extension, the diameter of the Earth. Ptolemy's values, written of in the 2nd century CE, synchronize with the Earth diameter value provided in the early 13th century Icelandic manuscript Gks 1812, 4to. Hopefully you can clearly see how Alexander Thom's research on the Megalithic monuments in Northern Europe - which produced the units of measure that he termed as "Megalithic" - was the basis for geodetic measures of the Earth. For any specific measure, there are slightly different values. It depends whether one is using angular values (degrees) or time values (hours or minutes). Either convention, whether degrees or time, will return near-synchronous values. The variance for any single measure is actually quite inconsequential as rounding and measurement error actually produces a greater variance.
The highly accurate 24,901 English Statute (Imperial) mile dimension for the Earth's diameter is derived from the 7920 particula circumference of the Earth being expanded by (22/7).

The 7920 particula value is, in turn, a concurrent product of the formulation of the 22/7 fractional ratio for Pi.

From an earlier post we did:
"The earliest, surviving historical mention of the 22/7 fractional ratio for (the later-named) Pi may be found in Archimede’s (287 – 212 B.C.E) treatise, “Measurement of a Circle.” Within Proposition 2 it stated: “The ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter is less than 3 1/7 but greater than 3 10/71.”

The two fractional values are 22/7 and 223/71 ("
The Ptolemy intersect was a good find.