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Dec 2015
Here is an excellent docudrama in The Last Czars. The Last Czars follows the rise and fall of the Romanov family as well as that of Grigori Rasputin. The show mainly focuses on Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, and Rasputin. Allow me to say prior to the series I knew little of Rasputin, but certainly after the series one can learn what a monumental figure Rasputin was. Of course there are various allegations tied to Rasputin, we may never the real truth behind Rasputin, it has been claimed Rasputin had many sexual affairs, he may have been bi sexual, and it is even claimed that Rasputin had an affair with the Czars wife Alexandra.

The Communist revolutionaries are also portrayed in The Last Czars, including that of Yakov Yurovsky whom led the execution of the Romanov family. Im not sure if Yakov once served in the Imperial Russian Military but the Last Czars depicts Yakov as a solider in the Imperial army that eventually leaves the army along with other peasants that turn to the Communist revolution. At one point in the the latter stages of WW1 Yakov is shown to disobey a Tsarist Officer and when the Officer goes to execute Yakov suddenly Yakovs army mates turn there guns on the officer which was a scene clearly to show the disorganization and mutinies that did occur on the Russian side in WW1. Yakov was Jewish and this plays a role in the Tv series when prior to the execution of the Romanov family, The imprisoned Emperor Nicholas II makes a remark to Yakov saying I hope to never meet people like you again. And playing a role in the Revolution itself was the alleged mistreatment of Jewish people by the Czar and his forces.

The Last Czars was a very good tv series. The last episode depicts the execution of the Romanov family...and personally I would like to know what truthfully occurred on that fateful day of July 17th 1918, a bit over 100 years ago when the Romanov family was executed. One of the Romanov children Anastasia, was searched for after the Execution of the Romanov family as some sought that Anastasia somehow escaped the execution. There have been various impostors that have claimed to be Anastasia post July 17th 1918 and Anne Anderson is one of them. Though now it has been just about conclusively shown that Anastasia did not survive the execution night of July 17th 1918. I suppose some folks still hold out for a miracle though wrt Anastasia.

I have to admit as a Christian that The Last Czars had a deeply profound impact on me. The last episode was very emotional and moving if you will, seeing the Empress constantly praying that against all odds she and her family will prevail and succeed in maintaining power in Russia let alone survive the Communist Revolutionaries. This would lead me to ask, does anyone here know of any attempts by Russians or anyone to rescue the Romanov family at the so called house of special purpose, where the Romanovs were living for a few weeks prior to being executed. One can perhaps imagine the Empress was praying to God for a Knight in shining armor to rescue her and her family and thats what makes the series so emotional and good IMO.

I have not been this emotionally effected after watching a film since I saw the Passion of the Christ or Braveheart....that is how good this Tv series was at least for me, of course to each there own. As for the historical accuracy of The Last Czars, again this is a docudrama so in addition to the actors we also see historians provide there views on the subject. Personally I have had sympathies for Communists...but I have to say I was heartbroken and upset to learn of those specific Communists that executed the Emperor and Empress, as well as the Romanov Kids as the series depicts. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s leading Soviets kept on denying that they had anything to do with the execution of the Romanov children while admitting they did execute The Emperor himself.

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