The life of Winston Churchill


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Like your other "People Profiles" videos, this one has a too slow start - too much dead air as you show us who you are and the title. There's a full 30 seconds before the narration begins. I started getting bored after the first five seconds of silence. I can read "People Profiles" and "The Life of Winston Churchill" in less than ten seconds. Don't waste 20 seconds of my time. If I wasn't really really interested in Churchill, I probably would have stopped the video at that point out of sheer boredom. Once you get going, you're OK, but wow it takes you a long time to get going.

No need to mention Gordon at Khartoum in a Churchill biography. Omdurman is important but not the Gordon Relief Expedition.
The Mahdi's successor ruled until 1898, not 1896, but again, no need to even mention in a Churchill biography.
Churchill's cavalry charge was in the Battle of Omdurman, not a few days later.

You mentioned a few of his books. I was surprised you didn't mention how many books he wrote nor his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. Early in his career politicians were unpaid. Churchill would have never left the army or run for office if he couldn't make a comfortable living as a writer. For most of his life writing was his only significant source of income.

I did not know of his wartime health issues. I knew he was a heavy drinker but never heard him called an alcoholic before.
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"Don't waste 20 seconds of my time." :lol:

As for me, I devote every moment of my time to vitally important matters, the world is sure to go to rack and ruin if you waste even 10 seconds of my time.


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Hello everyone, I've just finished my new documentary on the life of Winston Churchill.

Would love some feedback if you can spare the time.

Many thanks in advance.

I would prefer it if you actually participated in discussions on Historum rather than just using it to promote your videos. Otherwise, I may need to review your posting privileges.
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I knew he was a heavy drinker but never heard him called an alcoholic before
That's because he wasn't an alcoholic, and only people that wish to unfairly slander him call him such. Everyone that saw him drink (which was a lot of people) always remarked how well he could handle alcohol and how, despite drinking quite a lot, he was very rarely if ever actually drunk, mostly because he mixed his alcohol with soda and drank very leisurely.
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