The Metamorphosis of Nazi Germany

Jan 2018
For the last year and a half, I have been working on a story. Many people would find it quite controversial, if not outright distasteful. It is a work of alternate history: The ultimate 'what if' scenario. In this case, what if Nazi Germany had won the Second World War?

Such a scenario opens a huge can of worms for the aspiring historian. First off, what change could have resulted in Germany winning (or at least, not losing) the war? Second, what would the ramifications of Nazi Germanys continued existence be for the world?

The first question is the one that requires the immediate answer. Its the stumbling block that has to be addressed before you can deal with the rest of the canned worms. In your typical work of alt history, the author will typically introduce some minor change into the timeline that effects the course of the entire war. This is a plausible and accepted narrative device.

However, I felt the need to change the timeline in a much more disruptive way. I wanted to find out how the Nazis would react to information from our time: Not just the knowledge that they would be defeated, but the knowledge that the world would be changed in a way they found to be utterly repulsive. What I wanted was to have them run face first into the realitys of our time, and see how they reacted.

I wanted to see how well they could adjust to future knowledge, and understand the events that caused them to lose the war. How much their own decisions contributed to their defeat. I wanted to observe what extent they could reflect on this knowledge, and how much they could change their actions (if not their beliefs) to avoid meeting the same fate.

In these types of storys, then, you need to determine how the characters learn about the future. Theres generally two different ways this can be done: Either they themselves use a device to observe or travel into the future, or some other party uses a device to observe or travel into the past. This can involve actual time travel, or travelling to an entirely different reality. For my story, I decided it would be more appropriate to have different realitys that were temporally displaced from each other. This is called the many worlds theory.

In the near future, scientists create a device that can actually open portals to other worlds. There are hundreds of 'duplicate Earths' for them to study and fawn over, but one of the worlds is of particular interest. It is called System 40, the 40th duplicate Earth discovered. This world is completely identical to our own, but temporally displaced by about 81 years. At the time System 40 was discovered, Germany and Britain were at war with each other, and London was being bombed in the Blitz. This evoked no concern from the scientists, as the war was proceeding in the same manner it historically did. Once their curiosity was satisfied, they moved on to study other duplicate Earths. All except for two of their team.

Their names were Lukas and Theodor. Unknown to anyone else, these men were right wing extremists. (They were low ranking technicians who went under the radar) They both hated the world they lived in with an intense passion. Lukas and Theodor were virulent racists who hated multi-culturalism, and believed Europe was being destroyed by it. The two men looked at System 40 and saw the opportunity to create their own perverse version of Utopia. If they could help the Nazis somehow win the war on that world, then it would never be tarnished by the stain of multi-culturalism. Their world was beyond redemption and doomed, but this world was still salvageable.

The challenges were daunting. In order to change the fate of Germany, they would need to convince its leaders to embark on systematic changes at all levels. Some of these policy changes would be very controversial to the 'down timers', who were sure to resist them. To create a viable, war winning plan would require an immense amount of research on their part. And it would require them to gain the confidence of one of the most diabolical leaders of the 20th century: Adolf Hitler. The men had only one chance to put their perverse plan into action. Once they used the device to travel to System 40, they would be forever trapped there, unable to return to their own world.

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