The Monroe Doctrine

Jun 2006
I personally think that the Monroe Doctrine was one of the brightest and stupidest moves that the US could have made at that time. I'll explain

First of all, we were a very, very weak and young country, with enemies that counted Russia, Spain, and England. So President Monroe decided to risk it all and play strong. He first drove the Spanish out of Florida, by making Andrew Jackson destroy the Seminole Indians in the area, yet he disobeyed orders and also took control of 2 spanish outposts, and he was treated like a hero. The spanish were afraid of a war (which i can't seem to find a reason why), so they got out, this is known as the Adams-Onis Treaty.

Then Monroe tested his luck further, by telling the Russians to get out of Oregon Country, and the stupid Russians did just that.
For one last time, Monroe and Adams tried their luck, by telling all of the European countries to get out of South America. Of course to the newly independent South Americans, they were their angels, but they had no idea, that later on in history, we would plant bases there,a nd take half of Mexico's land.

So what do you think we were, angels, or demons?????
Jul 2006
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I think the Monroe Doctrine's strength was actually based off the fact that England would back it up. The world sure as hell knew that America really could not fight off many other world powers, but they did know that Britain had intentions to make sure that no one else planted itself in the Americas.

Britain’s historic role has been that of balancing the power on continental Europe (or at least trying). When one country gets to powerful Britain does what it can to make sure it does not become far too powerful. If any other country decided to make a move in the "New World" the fear was not of America, but rather of Britain.


Historum Emeritas
Jun 2006
Jacksonville, FL
I think Ymeto is absolutely correct. The Monroe Doctrine stated that no countries should make any attempt to colonize in any of the Americas. At this time, America had not even colonized the West yet, and really had no way to force these rules. Luckily they were back by England.

I see your point though in that the Doctrine was kind of hyprocritical in that we told everyone to get out of the South/Central American countries, but then we ended up going in ourselves, specifically Mexico.

So I would say we are sitting somewhere in the middle of angels and demons.
Jun 2006
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If it wasn't for the Monroe Doctrine.. Texas would most likely be it's own country with strong ties to England. Much like Canada.

Kinda weird thought.