"The Moors civilized Europe" theory

Nov 2015
There was once a time when humans viewed the insides of their bodies as being made of Earth, water, fire and air.

Agents of Metabolism
The Four Humors are the metabolic agents of the Four Elements in the human body. The right balance and purity of them is essential to maintaining health. The Four Humors and the elements they serve are as follows:
All four of these humors, or vital fluids, are present in the bloodstream in varying quantities: Blood, or the Sanguine humor, is the red, hemoglobin-rich portion. Phlegm, or the Phlegmatic humor, is present as the clear plasma portion. Yellow Bile, or the Choleric humor, is present as a slight residue or bilirubin, imparting a slight yellowish tint. Black Bile, or the Melancholic humor, is present as a brownish grey sediment with platelets and clotting factors.

The Earl of Newcastle had a special night cap with a hole in the top to vent
humours. That was the 17th Century.

Them Greeks knew what they were doing!
Dec 2015
Ibn Sina - a Persuab

The most famous physician and theorist of the later Middle Ages, Abu Ali al Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina, known as Avicenna, was born near Bokhara in 980 A.D. and died in 1037. He was the author of about one hundred treatises, most of them short; but "the best known among them, and that to which Avicenna owed his European reputation, is the Canon of Medicine, of which an Arabic edition appeared at Rome in 1593. From the 12th to the 17th century, Avicenna was the guide of medical study in European universities, and up to the year 1650 or thereabouts the Canon was still used as a textbook at Louvain and Montpellier" (Encyclopaedia Britannica).
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Dec 2015
If only he could have had an audience with Ferdinand and Isobel! He might have changed the world.
I hear you. Fwiw Ferdinand II and Isabella I are viewed as being responsible for the long awaited reunification of Spain.

That being said...Pope Sylvester II giving a pep talk to the monarchs of Spain..now that would have been awesome IMO. :)
Nov 2015
Mountains of madness
The myth that Africa had no civilizations before Europeans is as nonsensical as (if not more) than the idea that the Moors civilized Europe.
Certanly not more nonsensical than Moors civilising Europe.

yes,viewing all subsaharan Africans as savages living in tribes is not correct but Africa lagged much in development compared to most of world and large parts of it had very little civilisation to speak of.

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Mar 2012
Redneck Country, AKA Texas
My two cents: civilization already existed in Europe, the Moors just enhanced it with their scientific and mathematical advancements.
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Nov 2015
But why they didnt civilized their own Africa
THey used it all on Europe.:zany:
When they went back to Africa they had an overwhelming desire to kill each other or sell their neighbours to the Arab Slavers.
The Abolition of the Slave trade put a lot of African tribes out of business.:)

The last 'really good' massacre was 1994. 800,000 casualties.:sick:

There is a hospital in Malawi which gets cut off in the floods. The bridge has been broken for years. Every time someone tries to rebuild it, it gets pulled down by the man who runs the ferry in the rainy season.:deadhorse:
My Daughter was at that Hospital. She and her friend went out on a boat trip (big rowing boat) on Lake Malawi. 100yards out the rowers demanded more money. No consideration that the 2 girls might recommend other people.
No concern that the girls might inform the Police.


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Dec 2012
I have rarely if ever heard modern day Muslims or Christians suggesting that the Moors civilized Europe.
My post was a response to the OP.

i have often heard this theory tossed around on the internet..Its often parroted by afrocentrist, pan-african elements..

They claim that the Moors were Black, and that they came to Europe, through Spain and civilized the White Europeans

they brought Europe civilization, they brought Europe mathematics, philosophy, science, literature etc..

often many people disagree with this, saying that the Moorish influence is overrated and overexaggerated, many deny it by saying the Moors were not of "Black"/African descent

despite the various fair and legit criticisms to this theory, is there some truth to it?


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Aug 2012
Certanly not more nonsensical than Moors civilising Europe.

yes,viewing all subsaharan Africans as savages living in tribes is not correct but Africa lagged much in development compared to most of world and large parts of it had very little civilisation to speak of.
It definitely was. There's a tiny grain of truth in the idea that Moors "civilized" Europe because they actually did contribute to the development of Western Europe along with other Muslims and the Byzantines. There is no truth in the idea that Africa had no civilization before the Europeans showed up. Some were less developed than others, but they had civilization. Ethiopia's history dwarfs anything in Europe not having to do with the Hellenic and italic civilizations. Nubians history goes back further than anything in Europe with the exception of the Minoans. And while the race of the Egyptians and North Africans is controversial and I personally believe they were more Semitic than black or white, there's certainly enough evidence that blacks were involved given the records we do have both written and depicted in their art.