THE morality of eating chicken

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Just saw an article in Huff post Canada entitled"Canadians should care about how their Xmas dinner was raised. I do not read any article with the word 'should' in the title.

Still thought about the title.

When I was growing up, all chicken was free range and very expensive, a most chicken sold were a by product of egg production, big, and tough. Anything worth eating was expensive, so only seen at Christmas and birthdays.

At that time ,the cheap meat in Australia was lamb, We had lamb 3-4 times a week. Just checked price on line; A 'full leg' of lamb is $10.80 kg . (around $US 5.00 lb) Boned, it is $27.00 kg. Still a lot cheaper than beef.

Chicken is my main meat. The chicken I buy is produced in cages, using a factory method I think is cruel. Doesn't stop me eating chicken; there is no meat I can replace it with.

IF factory farming of chicken ,changing to 100% free range, two things would happen immediately as demand far exceeded supply; the price of eggs and chicken would soar, making chicken unaffordable for most people. Demand would also increase for fish, and again, prices would rise.

Keeping chickens at home would again be a viable option if you wanted eggs or chicken to eat.

What's the solution? Is there one? It will soon be possible to grow meat in a lab. (by 'soon' I mean this century).

The production of red meat at present costs an unsustainable amount of land to produce.

Seems to me, that the long term solution will probably be a combination of all kinds of things, including vast numbers of people becoming vegetarian. This has long been the case in large ,poor countries, such as China and India.
Feb 2011
I'm going to say what a lot of people might not like to hear: We know how to live a fairly healthy lifestyle without meat. We have alternatives to meat that taste more or less like meat. So our eating of factory animals is mostly down to convenience, and our desire to get 100% pleasure out of eating meat rather than 80% pleasure out of eating something that tastes like meat. You could argue that humans as a higher species have the 'right' to eat meat, our convenience and pleasure is much more important than whatever suffering factory animals have to go through. But if we were truly noble then we wouldn't think along these lines in the first place. You could argue that if we didn't have animal factories then these animals would never be born in the first place, we're in fact doing them a favor. But I doubt people would feel the same if animal factories turn into human factories, churning out human babies to be raised as slaves and then slaughtered when they're too old to work (ie these babies wouldn't be born if not for the factories). But animals and humans aren't the same, some might say, human beings are better and thus should be better treated! Again, a 'better' species wouldn't use his superiority as an excuse to make lower life forms suffer. That's hardly the mark of a better species. In this regard we're just weak people making weak excuses.
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Aug 2015
The basic problem is that there are too many humans on the planet. This creates all kinds of secondary problems such as a need to mass produce all kinds of edibles, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The best morality for humans is have less humans.
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Sep 2014
The arrogance of vegetable eaters amazes me. Attewater's prairie chicken survives on a cattle ranch but these morally superior people would plow that under for more commercial farming.

Plant estrogens affect men sexually and kill women at a younger age. I avoid soy like the poison it is.
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Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Plants can't suffer, they don't have a brain. Cutting down an acre of corn produce as much suffering as you getting a haircut.
Currently, I eta meat about 4 times a week, once in a 24 hour period. The amount is approx 4 ozs raw . Mostly chicken, or fish, almost no red meat due to cost. This is part of my diet as recommended by a dietician, when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is also no big deal or major inconvenience.

It would not be a hardship for me to forego meat and fish. Contrary to popular misinformation, it is not hard to find enough protein in a meatless diet.

I guess I may upset a few too; My view of people not eating meat on moral grounds, in an urban , post industrial society ,is more than a little precious, and smug.

I get really pissed off by self righteous twats from organisations such as Green Peace and PETA.

I have great respect for, and support Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and similar secular charities. I do not think animal lives are worth as much, or more than human lives .

Was not aware soy is a poison. Where you using hyperbole or being literal? Regardless, I would really like to see some hard evidence for your claims.
Feb 2011
plants are living organisms , it's not because you cannot hear them that they don't scream
You experience pain because you have neurons to detect pain and a brain to interpret that pain. Plants have neither. If I cut off your hand it'll hurt because your pain receptors are shooting signals to your brain. If after that I bash your cut-off hand it won't hurt because the pain from the hand isn't being transmitted to your brain. The pathway from the hand to the brain has been cut. Plants don't even have a brain. They can't experience anything, they have as much consciousness as a brick.
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Jun 2012
There is one way way to be completely, totally, 100% uncruel. Do not eat anything living at all, including seeds, grain & roots. Only eat old leaves & flesh of fruits which hv fallen to the ground by themselves.

Plants do suffer in their own way when cut. They are living tissue too. Just becos they do not cry or scream, or even flinch, does not mean that they do not suffer. They might not hv a brain like a mammal, but still they do respond to external stimuli, like light, heat & physical injury. Only that, their response occurs not in a matter of seconds, or even minutes, but more like hours or days. You do not compare plant life to animal life. They are worlds apart.

You try starving a small plant of water, or poisoning it with a herbicide. It will gradually change appearance for the worse, wilt & die. What is that, if not suffering.
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