The most devastating war in known history...


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a fair amount of Native American nations were, if not annihilated, diminished and forced to relocate, often losing their identity.

we still have Cherokee, Iroquois and Navajo nations (among others) but they are small subject peoples.
Aztec, Inca and Maya were decimated and lost their political identity.
A number of tribes split up or were combined as tribes were settled on various reservations.

At the present time there are 573 federally recognized tribal governments in the USA that have functions vaguely analogous to state governments, and more groups eek federal recognition.

List of Federal and State Recognized Tribes

As I remember, the Yahi Indians in California suffered devastating losses in about a dozen massacres by local civilians and the last dozen or so hidden survivors most l died of natural causes until the last one joined white society in 1911 and died a few years later.

In the period from about 1848 to 1870 or later the California state government and the local governments in California usually had genocidal policies toward the California Indians which is why some sources write about "the California Genocide".

Various North American Indian tribes suffered from terrible epidemics of old world disease that killed large percentages of their populations repeatedly over a few centuries between about 1500 and about 1900 before their populations began to recover.about 1900. So the extreme natural declines in the populations of various tribes should not be confused with their war casualty figures.

So it is possible, but not certain, that some nations, tribes, and groups in the USA had percentages of their populations killed in various conflicts that were similar to the percentages of deaths that several European countries suffered in World war II or World War I, or even to what Paraguay suffered in 1864-1870.
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Oct 2016
This is a myth propagated by German historian Ferdinand Gregorovius. There is nothing to suggest that the Romans salted earth after they conquered Carthage.
the fact that Carthage was reborn as a trading /agriculture center suggest the salt story is wrong.
Mediterranean traders found Carthage a great place to put in for repairs and resupply. no accident they became so powerful in the first place. location location location. food food food.

I don't think many Europeans advocated absolute genocide to Native Americans but they certainly overran and marginalized them. ironically some of their grandsons would enthusiastically root for sports teams &tc and still celebrate the Native American heritage in the USA. in my circles having some NA heritage is a point of pride ('I'm one-sixteenth Delaware!').

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It looks rather unusual that only half of the territory of Paraguay was conquered and divided between the winners, esp. when one recalls the destiny of Polish kingdom..
Didn't Argentina also want the Gran Chaco region of Paraguay but with US President Rutherford B. Hayes saying "No" and thus allowing Paraguay to keep this territory and to subsequently name one of its provinces after him? :