The most impressive fighting withdrawal in history

Oct 2014
1877 - Nez Perce war - Chief Joseph led the Wallowa band of Nez Perce indigenous Americans on a journey to leave America and join the Lakota people in Canada, ultimately they were cornered after months of resistance and transported back to reservations.

1914 - Mons, The Great retreat continued for two weeks and covered over 250 miles (400 km). The British were closely pursued by the Germans and fought several rear guard actions, including the Battle of Le Cateau on 26 August.

1942 - Battle of Bataan - US and Philippino troops fight for three months delaying Japans conquest of south east Asia

1943 - Soviet German War- Army Group Don - Following the surrounding of the 6th army by SU forces and the failure of the relief effort, AGD withdraws AGA from the Caucasus through Rostov on Don facing successive SU offensives and counter attacks to restore partial and brief cohesion on a rearward line.
Jan 2017
Dunkirk and Gallipoli (the retreat not the attack) should get a mention.
Also the retreat of the French in WW1 upon the Marne was a success, despite all the flack their handling of the war gets.
'Not sure about Dunkirk. It was disorderly, just about all equipment left behind strewn along roads, the French and the odd British unit fighting the Germans off outside Dunkirk so that British and French soldiers could escape across the channel.

The British retreat from Mons, WW1, was outstanding, however. When the French withdrew and German numbers meant the BEF would be encircled, they slipped off at the last moment and retreated in an orderly fashion with the Germans hot on their heels. The Germans were extremely impressed with the British Army during and after the Battle of Mons, which wasn't what they were expecting (the phrase they had used prior to Mons was: "contemptible little army", which is how and why "The Old Contemptibles" was borne). The Germans considered Mons to be a temporary defeat and British soldiers couldn't understand why they were being ordered to retreat as they felt they were getting the job done. What they didn't know was that the French had a made a decision to withdraw exposing one of the British flanks.
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Nov 2015
The heavy defeat of the Russian Red Army near Warsaw and Lviv in 1920 by the army of Poland with the active participation of the army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (6 divisions). The Russians had an offensive army of 680,000. Their defeat began near Warsaw in August. And by the beginning of October 1920 the Russians had rolled back to Korosten near Kiev, departing 600 kilometers from Warsaw. Part of the Red Army was pressed to the border of Germany in East Prussia, passed it and was interned by the Germans.

Poles captured about 150 thousand Russian POWs
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That's the first time I heard Mac's retreat from the Yalu praised. He allowed his forces to be divided by the Chosen Reservoir and shouldn't have been that far north in the first place. I suppose getting out of this mess deserves some praise, but should it go to Mac or subordinates.
Subordinates. Mac was not responsible for saving them...


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Dec 2014
Cortes´withdraw from Technotitlan to Traxcala. With 400 Spaniards and 1.000 natives he was able to break the enemies lines in Technotitlan (Noche Triste) and without foods, supplies etc to crush the huge aztec army in Otumba (the Miracle of Otumba, the impossible victory) and then, he arrived to Traxcala... saved his army and prepared him to go on the offensive again... and all this facts...1 distance year from Spain!... really one (if not the best) of the finest withdrawal in history.