The most impressive fighting withdrawal in history


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Jan 2010
I'm not sure about "in history" but it was certainly impressive given the situation, and that would be Sir Hugh Percy's retreat of the British remnant forces from Lexington and concord. Retrreating under heavy fire and harassment he used a 6 pounder cannon to expertly break up stacked formations of pursuers and kept tight reign of the troops. Avoiding total ambush he then used his local knowledge to turn down an obscure lane, leading the troops back to safety.

The retreat from Fontenoy was also well handled, though the battle was an opportunity missed for the British.
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Jan 2017
Hans valentin Hube retreat from the Kamenets-Podolsky pocket
this was part of the soviet mud offensive of the winter early spring of 43 /44

the one-armed general , evacuated from Stalingrad , ex-commander of the German forces in Sicily
was given the dubious task of extricating 220.000 men from his 1st panzer army from encirclement in March 1944

deciding on a mobile retreat rather than following his orders of a static defense
he did fool Marshall Koniev , Hitler and pretty much everybody by his moves North West
the Luftwaffe did good service supplying him with a vital minimum
this was a moving pocket , fighting on all sides of the perimeter
ultimately , in spite of loosing all his equipment and leaving the divisions somewhat shattered
he saved the large majority of the men , keeping discipline and their moral up by his personal influence


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Feb 2013
portland maine
That's the first time I heard Mac's retreat from the Yalu praised. He allowed his forces to be divided by the Chosen Reservoir and shouldn't have been that far north in the first place. I suppose getting out of this mess deserves some praise, but should it go to Mac or subordinates.
It ought to go to General Oliver P. Smith
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Dec 2014
Don Quixote is to Spanish what Shakespeare is to English.

Mostly excruciatingly boring rubbish with rare interjections of action!

Sorry Martin
I agree.. most of Spanish students never read Quixote... but it is the most importanto work in history... 300 universities on Earth voted that Shakespeare the best writer and Don Quixote the best work of the universal literature ...

In Don Quixote is the life....not only in 16th Century but in 2019...

Tanto vales cuanto tienes, y tanto tienes cuanto vales, Dos linajes solos hay en el mundo, como decía una abuela mía, que son el tener y el no tener. (Don Quixote).

(You are worth as much as you have, and you have as much as you worth. Only Two lineages alone are in the world, as my grandmother used to say, which are having and not having).

El que lee mucho y anda mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho. (Who read very much and travell very much.. he knows very much).

But I remember my days in my primes in Budapest.. and Neoton Familia...

nada se ha perdido mientras se conserve el honor (Nothing has been lost while the honor is preserved )
Mar 2016
I recall reading a darkly funny anecdote about the American Revolution where apparently one of the reasons the French decided to support the Americans was because they were impressed by how professional their withdrawals and retreats were after numerous defeats, even complimenting them in a backhanded way by calling them "European"-style retreats.