The National Dish of your country ?


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Aug 2009
Athens, Greece
Grape leaves, stuffed with rice and herbs. Served with lemon and often, yogurt


Cabbage stuffed with minced meat, rice, herbs, sauce of lemon and egg

Stuffed zucchini (with minced meat, rice, herbs), sauce of lemon and egg

Zucchini flowers, as above

Stuffed peppers and tomatoes, stuffing of rice, various herbs, sometimes minced meat or raisins

Aubergines, stuffed with tomato, garlic, onion, various herbs

Stuffed artichokes

And no, calamari (squids) could not escape the stuffing fate :D

Here, with feta cheese, tomato, peppers and herbs

Conclusively, if someone asks you how this or that would be cooked in Greek cuisine, you can safely say "oh, stuff it" and be right on the money! :;):D


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Apr 2015
Rice Cabidela portuguese typical dish

Cabidela rice - Cabidela is one of the oldest dishes of Portuguese cuisine. It is crucial that you buy the chicken with blood. With the right dose of vinegar is an absolutely irresistible dish.

A recipe that needs to be presented is nothing more than cooked rice in a syrup made from a mixture of water and the sauce where a chicken was stewed and added to the blood. It is served mixed with the pieces of chicken and syrup, (to escape) as they say in the Minho. A typical Portuguese dish that you will want to make at home. I personally like chicken rice with a lot of syrup, even "malandrinho". Try it!

Wash and clean the chicken and cut it into pieces.

Bring the chopped onion to saute with olive oil, garlic and bay leaf.

As soon as the onion starts to look lourinha, add the chicken and the kids, cut into pieces and let a little color gain.

Add the tomato flesh to the chopped parsley, and refresh with a little white wine and season it with salt and piri-piri to taste.

Cover and cook for a few minutes.

Then add the water to about 3x the volume of the rice (or more if you like a rice with more broth), correct the seasonings and let it cook slowly and covered until the chicken is tender.

When the chicken is already well cooked, put the rice and cook.

Once the rice is cooked add the blood already seasoned with the vinegar, stir well and boil 2 or 3 minutes (add more or less blood depending on the rice, if you like more or less dark).

Turn off and serve immediately to savor this delicious Portuguese meal.

Enjoy your food!
This looks like soupy version of Chicken Biryani.


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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
Can someone post a picture of a genuine chicken biryani please? Not the imitations we have here.


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Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
No friend Devdas is not soup, the sauce is chicken blood

because of the blood of the chicken, the dish is called cabidela rice.


Grilled squid

Squids with tomato sauce

AssadoPostas de salmão assadas com lulas
Roasted Salmon poses with squid

Lulas com polvo - Squid with octopus

1 L white green wine for one person only

In a Portuguese house he wants to have bread and wine on the table.

Bom apetite - enjoy your food