The National Dish of your country ?

Oct 2009
San Diego
Where is the accent you describe prevalent? The United States has so many different accents that I find it difficult to imagine a very heavy American Accent. You are going to need to do better than that. Is there a heavy Australian accent or a heavy British accent? Why couldn't you just say that the women sounded like Americans?
To a native Brit... there is no such thing as an "British" accent- rather, they can identify the region of britian you are from...
However, to an american, they ALL sound "british" - because they are realted in how they pronounce words.

Most americans have difficulty telling an Australian accent from a British one.... and even those who can identify an Australian accent often have difficulty discerning a New Zealand accent from an australian one- even though australians can tell right off.

Thus, its simply silly that you would imagine that to people from other nations, all american accents don't sound similar in many respects.

They may be able to tell a deep southerns drawl, from a northern accent- but would have difficulty telling a Boston accent from a jersey accent.

But they still all have a common root of basic pronunciation patterns that is NOT british- Not australian, and Not Kiwi.
Therefore, unmistakably American.

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