The National museum of Mogadishu, interesting stuff I've heard

Apparently before the civil war it housed a collection on archaeological exhibitions, medieval armor and arms, as well as somali literature, both in the somali-arabo script and the ancient somali script. I remember some posters being curious about the latter so I thought I'd mention it. Apparently a new museum has been built in Mogadishu but many of the artifacts and apparently manuscripts are in the hands of locals who have had them passed down from generations(much like the scripts in timbuktu). They're understandably hesitant to put them up for display but that may change in the future. Somalia has a government now(more or less), so it's a good first step.

So, y'know, cross your fingers and hope the new museum does justice to the old one, which was built as a governor's residence in 1872 originally. The Somali and swahili elements along with arabesque influences combine to make one sexy building. It's pretty cool. Huh, relations between Somali and Zanzibari/Omani sultans in the early modern period were more complicated than I thought, the building was actually built for a zanzibari governor but with permission from the geledi sultan, who was incidentally, at war with them:lol: Here's a pic btw:
The script btw was known as "Wadaad's writing" or writing of the holy man or scholar. Interestingly enough, some speculate it may have been used by somali city-states of the classical era: Opone, Mosylon,etc. It most likely died out as the commercial reputation of these city-states declined over time. Odd though, it actually does not bear any similarities to Sabean(south Arabian), Ge'ez, or Merotic, the closest scripts in the region, curious...

(Interior of national museum)

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