The nth war


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Sep 2013
I was reading about HMS Birkenhead (of women and children first fame) in an exhibition about ships built at Cammell Laird’s shipyard. She was sunk taking troops to fight the Eighth Xhosa War and I was wondering if any numbered war was more than that, excluding the Ninth Xhosa War of course.


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Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
I am pretty sure Burmese and Siamese fought more wars.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
The Birkenhead was wrecked carrying soldiers of the 74th regiment to Africa. They (those that weren’t drowned in their bunks) stood on the deck under orders and waited for the women and children to fill the boats. (3 soldiers broke ranks and made it on to the life boats).
Once the boats were safely away the CO have the order for the 74th to swim for it. Drownings, exhaustion and sharks made the 2 mile swim hard going....

It was quite famous globally, the King of Prussia had their story read out to every battalion as an example of military discipline.