The OIC´s combat against so-called Islamophobia

Nov 2016
The OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) was founded in Morocco in 1969 on the occasion of the conquest of Jerusalem by Israel in 1967 with the aim of reconquering the Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque for the Arab world. In the meantime, the goals of the organization have expanded considerably. By 2015, the OIC had 56 states in which Islam is either the state religion or the religion of a majority or a large minority. This makes the OIC the second largest intergovernmental organisation in the world after the UN. This must always be kept in mind in all further considerations.

(To the OIC belong: Afghanistan Albania Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Benin Brunei Burkina Djibouti Ivory Coast Gabon Gambia Guinea Guyana Indonesia Iran Iraq Yemen Jordan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Comoros Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mali Morocco Mauritania Mozambique Nigeria Oman Pakistan "Palestine" Saudi Arabia Saudi-Arabia Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia Sudan Suriname Tajikistan Togo Chad Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uganda Uzbekistan United Arab Emirates)

In 1990 the OIC foreign ministers resolved at a conference on the "Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam", which determines how the member states have to apply the Western category of human rights on their territories. In Articles 24 and 25 of the Declaration, Sharia, the strictly Islamic legal order, is expressly laid down as the irreversible basis of any interpretation of human rights, which means a rejection of the universal validity of human rights independent of religion, as decided in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a UN General Assembly.

Since the 2000s, i.e. since the increasingly critical perception of Islam by the Western public in the aftermath of 9/11, the OIC has practiced an expanded strategy. It tries to influence the representation of Islam or Islamic topics in the European mass media in order to put a stop to Islam-critical opinions that question the ethical value of this religion (as an example see below the "Islamophobia" Report 2013).

As an accompanying measure to this strategy, the then Secretary General of the OIC, the Turk Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, declared before the European Parliament on 4 October 2005 that human rights had in truth been founded by Allah and that the West, if it wishes reconciliation and dialogue with the Islamic world, must acknowledge this truth.

In the same year, an OIC Foreign Ministers' Conference in Mecca drew up a list of "recommendations" to the EU with the aim of transforming the public perception of Islam in Europe 'positively' through targeted influence on the contents of curricula and media reporting. In particular, European governments are called upon to make the population aware that "Islam" (allegedly) has nothing to do with terrorist violence.

Since 2007, the OIC, chaired by its Secretary General (until 2013 the aforementioned Turk Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu), has published an annual "Islamophobia" report in which Western Islam-critical statements and persons are denounced in detail and "recommendations" (= demands) are given to Western governments on how to deal with "Islamophobia".

In the "Islamophobia" Report 2013, from which I quote below, General Secretary Ihsanoglu writes the following on p. 6:

I believe that the OIC's outcry against Islamophobia as an affront to human rights and human dignity has had a positive impact on stakeholders in the West. The leaders of Western Governments and regional organizations such as the EU, the Council of Europe, renowned scholars and media personalities and the Vatican have publicly condemned Islamophobia.

In plain language: The Western persons and institutions mentioned above (including the media) have obediently fulfilled the demands of the Islamic OIC and condemned Islam-critical positions in the Western population as immoral. The reference to "human rights" is deliberately misleading insofar as the OIC only recognises human rights within the framework of Sharia law.

Starting on p. 37, the OIC's 2013 report gives "recommendations" with regard to what the West has to do to contain the annoying "Islamophobia":

In order to combat Islamophobia and foster tolerance and mutual understanding based on international human rights standards, States, international organizations and non-state actors should:

(followed by the "recommendations" = demands, see further below)

Remarkable here is the blatant contradiction to the true positions of the Islamic OIC. According to the customs regulations of Saudi Arabia, the leading nation within the OIC besides Qatar, the import of the following items to Saudi Arabia is strictly prohibited.

Custom Regulations.... Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are also prohibited.These may include Bibles, crucifixes, (...) and others.

While the OIC, dominated by Saudi Arabia (and Qatar), called on the West to tolerate Islam and vehemently complained about the ban on minarets in Switzerland, which was enforced by referendum, the import of non-Islamic religious objects such as Bibles and crucifixes into Saudi Arabia is considered criminal. It goes without saying that no Christian churches may be established in Saudi Arabia. Also in Qatar Christian churches are forbidden for locals, only for tourists three churches are "in operation".

In Germany, on the other hand, there are already over 200 official mosques.

The demand for tolerance is therefore to be understood very one-sidedly.

I quote some of the numerous recommendations = demands on the West from the catalogue of measures in the 2013 Report:

+ Develop and implement comprehensive educational strategies and programmes for combating Islamophobia in education, particularly at the school level, with a view to promoting interfaith, understanding and harmony.

In plain language: Western adolescents are to be indoctrinated towards a positive understanding of Islam within the framework of school education.

+ Collect and maintain reliable information and statistics about Islamophobic hate crimes committed within their territory/area of responsibility and make such reports publicly.

+ Take all necessary measures to ensure that the Media assumes its responsibility to portray positive initiatives at all levels of society and refrains from associating extremism and terrorism to Islam, and Muslims.

In plain language: The European mass media have to report exclusively positively about Islam and to refrain from references to a possible connection between Islamic teachings and "extremist" acts of violence.
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2 minutes. And then a bit later you have the people saying that their great-uncle is the last Jew left in Afghanistan (why did everyone else leave?)
i can only laugh at the mentality of some people

try to watch the video as impartial jew, your answer is already there

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i can only laugh at the mentality of some people

try to watch the video as impartial jew, your answer is already there

Lol. My family is from Syria. I am quite familiar with how the Muslims treated the Jews, thank you very much. They generally weren't as bad as the Christians (although Persia, Yemen, and some other countries did occasionally brutalize their Jews) until the 20th century, but now?! Do you seriously expect me to believe that they are tolerant of Jews? Try telling that to all the people I know personally who were beaten in the streets and forced to flee Syria, Egypt, Iran, etc.

A close relative of one of my in-laws nearly beaten to death by the Syrian Mukhbarat before he succeeded in escaping Syria with nothing but the shirt on his back. Another man I personally know was was taken in by the Iranian government and had the soles of his feet sliced off. Spare me your nonsense. I know what the Muslim countries are like. Another family which married into mine was expelled from Egypt. They were literally given until nightfall to get on a ship and leave the country, leaving everything they owned behind. And these are just my family and intimate circle. In my community? Forget about the stories I could tell you!
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Lol. My family is from Syria. I am quite familiar with how the Muslims treated the Jews, thank you very much.
you said afghanistan not syria and i posted an afghanistan video, is there a serious comprehension problem or something mate? where did syria come into the picture, or you are stigmatizing afghanis based on syrian muslim treatment?