The Order of St. Lazarus

Mar 2019
I am interested in the history of crusades and knights' orders and in particular the history the Order of Saint Lazarus from Jerusalem. As you probably know, the order arose in the Holy Land in 1098. Their main task was to care for leprosy patients. Later, he also accepted military functions. The first hospital and seat of the Lazarists were located near the walls of Jerusalem, at today's new gate. Currently, there is also a hospital here. Then the order expanded its commanderies throughout the Holy Land. After the fall of Akko, he also operated in Cyprus and in Europe. For a long time I have been looking for material traces of the order during my holiday trips. I would like to kindly ask all readers for any information about known places related to the order such as, commanderies, hospitals, hospices, tombstones of the Knights of the Order, their insignia. Also important are information about places that are no longer there, but which have remained in memory or, for example, on old maps. Let me say that in Poland in Wroclaw, buildings and a church of the order have been preserved. Their traces are also present in other cities. Thank you in advance for your help. If there is anyone interested, I will be happy to describe what places I have already found.
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