The origin of Chinese nation and the theory of Chinese Center

Nov 2019
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Zhou did not invent any language. Chinese language is heavily influenced by the Northern/Southern minorities. The famous tone of the Chinese language is believed to be influenced from the South China ethnic minority. Mandarin is heavily influenced by the northern minorities.The grammar and vocabulary of Chinese is very different from the other SIno-Tibetan languages because of this influence. Why do you think TIbetan and Chinese language share so few cognate words when compared with the Indo European languages ? Swedes and Rohingya share closer vocabulary than say Tibetan and Mandarin.

XIanbei successor states and Xiongnu successor and Five Hu invaders gave up their languages and customs when they invaded China. Manchu and Yuan dynasty did not.

Buddhist Zhungars were beating the tar out of MIng, Kazakhs, Nogais and eastern mongols for three centuries. So western Mongols were quite combat effective. The Buddhist northern TIbetan tribes rebelled against the QIng for 30 years and 30 more years against the KMT muslim warlords. They were quite successful. I would call them combat effective. If you are Chinese I don't have to tell you anything about the Eastern Tibetan tribes. It took Qianlong 2 long campaigns and empty state treasury to defeat one small tribal confederation. The Qing virtually lost control of eastern TIbet for almost 50 years after the rebellion of the Ngayong Khampas in the 1850s. So I guess the Buddhist eastern Tibetans were also combat effective.

Now about the low population growth of Buddhist people. Were the Kazakhs Buddhist ? or the Nogais ? or Uighurs ? or the Baltis ? All these people suffered from low population growth before modern age because they lived in place where agriculture is bad and they have nomadic life styles. The same applies to the Buddhist tribes.

The Buddhist Han and burmese and Thai and Japanese had no problem with population growth because they lived in areas where land was fertile. It is the location which is important not faith.
A lot of your information is wrong. Jungars were fighting with the Qing, not with the Ming. And the Han weren't very Buddhist, but more Confucianist or believed in Chinese folk religions.
Nov 2019
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Also Zhuang Tzu is from Zhuns that's variant of Huns(also hungars and zhungars)
Is this some kind of joke? The Zhuang are a Tai-Kadai speaking people in the far south of China, they have nothing to do with Huns and Turks. Even the Han Chinese are more related to Huns and Turks than the Zhuang.
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Is there "chines nation" in this sense? There are absolutely different peoples like Uighurs, Tajiks, Mongols, Tibetans, Han Chinese, South Asians and so on
Those are ethnicities, nations are based on the legal status of the people. They are Chinese because they are citizens of China.
Everything related to the etymology of “khan” comes from the Huns I think, including kung fu(gun-fu) and Confucianism(gun-fu-tzu)
Also Zhuang Tzu is from Zhuns that's variant of Huns(also hungars and zhungars)
The term 'Khan', originally 'Khaghan', comes from Xiongnu. Kung-fu and Confucianim have nothing to do with this term though.
Zhuang's also are not related to Xiongnu or Huns. Hungarians might be related to Huns (or just were part of their confederacy), but nothing is know about their relations with Xiongnu. Zungars were Mongolic, but it is unknown whether their ancestors were a part of Xiongnu confederacy.
And it's true that Han Chinese are not huns, the real descendants of the Huns is Uygurs.
Real base of chinese is Sinai, frome there the word "chine", it's distortion "sin", "sinai"
Han Chinese are not Huns because Huns never lived in China. Xiongnu did though and at least some of them were assimilated by Northern Chinese. Whether anything remains of them is unknown. Nothing of culture and identity of Xiongnu remains among Uyghurs or any other nomadic people, so the point is moot anyway.
Also it's funny that russian variant of "China" is "Kitay", and the people named like this are part of Bashkirs and some other regions of Middle Asia. That people are almost 100% aryans by genetic data(second graph)
Genetics are banned on this forum, so I reported you to mods. Playing Nazi is also not a good thing to do.
The warior's arts also comes from huns, the huns was extremelly warlike peoples
The "native" chinese people was peasants, colons, it's not warriors culture

by this reason some of this arts has became something like ballet, and world champions of proffesional rings like MMA comes from anywhere but not from china
And this is complete bollocks.
Historically name of Uyguristan is East Turkestan
this does not contradict the fact that they are Huns (your Xiongnu)
Uyghuristan is a name far older that East Turkestan. Huns and Xiongnu were not one people.


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