The Origin of HIV

Aug 2014
I just saw this documentary and I felt really weird, they claim in there that in the 50s-60s they used experimental polio vaccinations in thousands of people in the very same area and time where the first hiv patients appeared and guess what... the polio vaccines were made of monkey's kidneys with very primitive methods, kidneys from the monkeys who carry the ancestor virus of the human hiv...

Is not a conspiracy theory, it makes sense, since the africans was killing and eating those monkeys for thousands of years, how came and in 60s only the virus mutated in the dirty hands of a hunter? it happened because they injected thousands of people with it and the chances of mutation raised to heights...

Wach it if you have time it worth it.

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Aug 2014
At the time of the vaccinations in Congo they had no clue that the monkey's kidneys were safer than the chimpanzee, but both could be used for developing vaccines and they were both available, so why they choose the monkeys?
I think they chose the monkeys some decades later when the case came to public... the simplest explanation tend to be the truth
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Jul 2016
Wow, great find. And I'm sure you read the full article it refers too, and didn't just pull the reference from the other source you already provided by the journalist who makes his living promoting the HIV-Polio link. Plus, look how up to date, published in 2000. Surely nothing in the medical community was ever written about this subject after the invention of the internet!

You going to "prove" to me next that vaccines cause autism?


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Oct 2011
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I can give my little humble contribution to this thread: I'm a trained NBC operator of Civil Protection [Nuclear Biological Chemical risk]. Regarding the main plagues and epidemics the operators receive a bit of historical background. HIV came from Camerum, along river Sangha in 1920, when a chimp transmitted the BA [biological agent] to a human being. Actually it wasn't HIV yet, for accuracy it was SIV [simian immunodeficiency virus ]. The source of the information we received was Oxford University and honestly I tend to trust such a source.

Now, it was a variant of that virus, the HIV-1 group M to be able to jump totally into the human environment.

A curiosity is that [and this is against conspiracy theories] in Camerun there was a different evolution called HIV group O which remained there. It's the difference about the diffusion of the "winner", group M, to be really interesting from researchers, as for I know.