The Otterhound: Because there's a dog for everything.

Aug 2016
Some areas in the states have a problem with nutria. These are basically giant, semi-aquatic rats brought from South America for fur farms. They escaped and are now destroying our wetlands. The most ecologically diverse areas in our nation.

The otterhound is a large breed of dog originally bred in England to hunt otter. It's the only dog breed I know of that is specifically bred to hunt anything that mostly lives in the water.

But how would it hunt otters? European otters can hold their breath for four minutes and swim 400 meters before resurfacing. They swim at 12km per hour, and can outrun a man on land.

Are there any historical accounts of how these hounds were used?
Nov 2018
Otterhounds were used in packs hunting otters. While the hunters used spears to kill the otters.

At one point, bloodhounds have been mixed into the breed.
Therefore, the dog pack has not had trouble following the scent trail in the water.

When otter hunting was banned in England the number of Otterhounds also fell and is now down to less than 1000 dogs. Some have, however, been used to hunt mink.

Sadly. It sounds like an exciting breed of dog for the experienced dog owner.

The otter is a relatively large animal and very intelligent. Therefore, it was said that the Otterhound should have a Bulldog's courage, a Newfoundland dog’s strength in water, a Pointers nose, a Retriever's acumen, a Foxhound's endurance, a Beagle's patience, and a Collie's intelligence.
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