The Ottomans won the Battle of Vienna


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Jun 2012
The Ottomans won the Battle of Vienna

What would Europe look like?
What does this do for the Reformation?
Could the Ottomans keep the lands they took?
Feb 2015
I could see three scenarios unfolding.

Option A: Ottomans are victorious but things end very badly for them. If vienna most of western europe could be strongarmed into forming a coalition to drive the ottomans out of europe. The ottomans were very powerful at this point, but if Austria, Spain, the Papal States, Venice and various german states allied together they probably could have achieved victory. Just one ottoman defeat would probably be all europe needed to fight for total victory.

Option B: Ottomans take Vienna but due to already reaching their supply lines they are unable to extend much farther.

Option C: Ottomans take Vienna and Austria descends into chaos. With one of their major enemies defeated the ottomans are able to focus on other enemies such as venice, spain and poland.