The paradoxical nature of Thomas Jefferson.


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Dec 2011
I wonder what TJAdams would think.
I feel confident he would squirm around the DNA test and assure us that Thomas had a brother who is more likely the one with a bit of trouble in his trousers. :)

ummm, just to add, that would be TJAdams response. Mine would be to simply accept that the founders were human beings too. :)

David Vagamundo

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Jan 2010
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Jefferson was certainly no saint. He is one of the two or three historic characters whom I like less the more I learn about.
Aug 2015
Yeah, I go back and forth on him. I have studied him for over 30 years and have taught him for 15 and I still don't know what to think of him.


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Jun 2015
i don't see him as a contradiction.

I believe he was normal per his time. So he believed all men were created equal. That's why he and his society used the curse of Ham to justify slavery....because if God says so any human's belief is invalid......