The Plot to Kill hitler Vs Valkyrie

Jul 2017
The Plot to Kill hitler Vs Valkyrie

Las week I saw these two movies about the same historical fact, in consecutive nights.

“The Plot to Kill hitler” (1990) with Brad Davis staring as Stauffenberg, somehow portrays the personal life and feelings of the guy, and most others call him as “count”.

“Valkyrie” (2008) with Tom Cruise staring as Stauffenberg, doesn’t really care about the person behind this political leader. Cruise’s performance, as usual, must have been well paid; but it was the guy by his side in the bomb scene (is his name Thomas Kretschmann?), the one who really made me believe things were happening.

Some scenes are remarkable equal in both movies; the changing of the place of the reunion, the last assembling of the bomb, goebbels preparing the cyanide capsule.

Some parts of the story are very different. In The Plot… it was one of the old member of the band who told Stauffenberg to use de valkyrie plan for cases of coups. In Valkyrie, it was Stauffenberg himself who came to the idea of taking advantage of this plan.

In The Plot, Stauffenberg appears having lunch with hitler as something usual. Instead, in Valkyrie, the scene of Stauffenberg meeting H. for the first time is like a breakthrough.

The Plot is a short movie and doesn’t really show the whole extent of the operation, to be able to understand it. Valkyrie is very long and I got bored by many scenes about the logistics of the operation.

What do you think? Which movie did you like the most?

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