The Pre-Roman 'Limes' on the Lower Danube

Feb 2012
i wonder what brendan macgonagle would make of iarcuri or giurgusti or vinga. iarcuri is a textbook celtic design but it is bronze age and bigger than rome.
Feb 2012
Corne?ti-Iarcuri: a Bronze Age town in the Romanian Banat? | Anthony Harding -

anthony harding is the past president of the european archaeological society. he has since made an academic appeal to anyone who has any idea what iarcuri might be.

overlaid on rome

rome overlaid on a wall

obviously it is the real ilios in llyed [the place].

just a few kms away at vinga... largest henge in europe

what shoud be next to ilios but the famously huge circular temple of apollo
note how the wall was unfinished then finished differently and curiously to form a lightbulb or hot air balloon shape

and beside that should be the phyrigian capital should it not?

note that it is sortof starfish shaped like giurgita [and mythical dvaraka on the sea of milk],+Romania/@44.046523,23.6106545,2400m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x475349dfc6d2dd11:0xec45eff1f9044a5b!8m2!3d44.015058!4d23.5940882?hl=en
4 walls at giurgita

the natives have known for well over 300 years that these huge things were there and didn't bother to mention it to anyone.

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