The REAL First Settlement in North America Debate


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Jamestown is the single most important thing that has ever happened to the western hemisphere. You can object all that you like but it is the single unifying event that developed the United States of America into the single most important country that the world has ever known.

Everything you say false to is unjustified because the foundations of the American Spirit began in the Southeast corner of Virginia on that faithful day on the 14th of May in 1607.

I believe that it is the day that God ordained to be the savor of the world.
Good grief, do please try to calm down. Your pride is over-weening and quite unnecessary...


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The first Roanoke colony was also an attempt by the Virginia company. From that Virginia Dare was born and nothing else is known of what happened to them.

Jamestown is still the quintessential event that jump started modern American history.

The first Thanksgiving was held in Virginia and the Plymouth Colony is simply an afterthought in American history. It is of no importance compared to what happened in the "Mother of States" and "Mother of Presidents" my dear Virginia.
Wasn’t it the “Mother of All States” that seceded from the Union and made war against the United States of America? So for 4 disastrous years, Virginia was a traitor to the United States of America. And, just so we recall accurately, the South’s Virginia forces were led by that traitor Rober E Lee. Not all Southerners were traitors. Those who kept their US Army credentials and fought for the North were honorable gentlemen.
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In the kingdom of Spain...from January 1st, 1517, when the Pope Leo X gave the title of King of Spain to Charles (Joanne the crazy´s son)... he was appointed Hispaniarum Rex Catholicus. From May 4th, 1493 the Spanish Monarchs were Catholic Kings by Pope's concession:
Catholicos reges, et principes.

So Martín de Argüelles the first European to be born in what today are the USA... born in the Crown of Castile in the Kingdom of Spain. He was a Spanish child... as Otto von Bismarck is German.. although he was not born in Germany.. but in Prussia.
Pope Leo didn't create the kingdom of Spain in 1517 by awarding the honorary title with no political significance of Hispaniarum Rex Catholicus anymore than he made Henry VIII the permanent Defender of the Faith when awarding him with the honorary title with no political significance ofDdefender of the Faith a few years before Henry became from the Pope's point of view an Attacker of the Faith. And doesn't hispania mean Spain and hispaniarum mean Spains?

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So I am reading America's Assignment With Destiny and the author, Manley P. Hall, claims that Jamestown was the first permanent settlement in North America. I immediately knew that this was not true. I know the first settlement was La Isabella which is now Haiti but I was in question if this was the first PERMANENT settlement. After 3 years though 1493-1496, hurricanes destroyed everything and all was moved to Santo Domingo which has been colonized ever since. So the question is can La Isabella be considered the first permanent settlement? It was intended to be and the settlers couldn't help there were hurricanes, yet Santo Domingo HAS been colonized ever since 1496.
Jamestown is the first "English" permanent settlement in North America, everyone knows that Spanish settlements like St. Augustine in Florida and Spanish colonies in Mexico are older. When people say Jamestown was the oldest, they often sloppily leave off the qualifying statement "English", it usually being understood in the context. Since English settlement would largely influence the future settlement of the US, and Canada, that makes Jamestown importance.
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Talking about history is one thing, being worried is something else, my concern is telling history.

One of the most well-known Saints in the world is St. Anthony who is Portuguese and was born in Lisbon.
Italians say he is Italian.

Santo António of Lisboa correct - Saint Anthony of Padua wrong.

Saint Anthony of Padua only at his death.

I'm not worried, I just talked about history.

Anthony of Padua - Wikipedia


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+ 1 exactly. In fact, the great inmigration was decisive. Spain possessed much land but lacked of people. In fact, the anglo-american arrived to Florida and Texas when still that territories belonged to the Spanish Empire because the King wanted to colonize the land and lacked of human resources. For example, in 1763, Florida after 250 years in the Spanish Empire only had 2.000 Spaniards


Yes, if you are a Cajou, I think you have 40% chances to have Peninsular Blood. And you are right. The Spaniards were assimilated to French and later to English. It is funny, the first official Paper in Louisana was edited by the Spanish Governor and it was in French! (Le Moniteur de la Louisianne).

How very Ecumenical of them! The US has some very interesting, quirky and funny history.


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Are you saying in serious this book is not Nordic Propaganda? Where are the sources?

Where are your PRIMARY sources? The Spaniards in Florida is not a opinon of a Swedish inmigrant to Wisconsi in 1908... it is PRIMARY sources written in 16th Century...

As you want to play... i accept your play.. I CHALLENGE TO write here the list of the "famous" Nordic explorers.. and i will write here the list of the famous Spanish explores (Portuguese-Castilian-Aragone)... Yes, you must PROVE here... the Nordic explorations has been more important than Spanish -Portuguese EXPLORATIONS.

In attention to Tulius... 5 Spanish explorers.

a) 5 Portuguese

Alvares Cabral (Portugues)
Bartololmé Dias
Fernando Magalhaes
Tristao da Cunha
Gonçalo Alvares

b) 5 + 2 Castilians

Juan Sebastián Elcano
Juan Ponce de León
Juan de la Cosa
Juan de Grijalva
Juan Pardo
Juan Fernández
Juan Jufré

(Only with the name Juan).

Waiting the long, long ling list of NORDIC explorers.... If you don´t accept this challenge.. and you wont´because you have not chance in comparing the Nordic and the Spanish-portuguese explorers (Asia-Oceania-Africa-America-North America-south America-Central America-Congo-Australia-New Guinea-Tahihti etc etc etc) we can compare STATE BY STATE in USA... if that lands belonged to any "Nordic" Empire or belonged to the Spanish Empire... STATE by STATE who arrived first if Nordic or Spaniards...:)

For example with A.


By A... Spain won 4 - 0 to Nordic....

We can continue with word C...
Wow! Are upset that the Spanish were not the first Europeans to visit North and South America? Why? What does it matter? This “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours” game is silly. Heck, for all we know, the Norse weren’t first, either. Now that would be very interesting.