The real problem with the Electoral College.


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I found this at the NPVIC site. It is the official response to the interstate compacts legal objection. The below is just a snippet, for more detail click on the link:

LINK: 9.16 Myths about Interstate Compacts and Congressional Consent

9.16.1 MYTH: Interstate compacts are exotic and fishy.

  • Interstate compacts are authorized by the U.S. Constitution and are in widespread use by every state.
The U.S. Constitution authorizes states to enter into interstate compacts.​
“No state shall, without the consent of Congress, enter into any agreement or compact with another state or with a foreign power.”[420]

Interstate compacts predate the Constitution. One interstate compact approved at the time of the Articles of Confederation remained in force until 1958 (when it was replaced by an updated version).​
The subject matter of existing interstate compacts varies widely and has included such topics as agriculture, boundaries, bridges, building construction and safety, child welfare, civil defense, conservation, corrections, crime control, cultural issues, education, emergency management, energy, facilities, flood control, gambling and lotteries, health, insurance, interstate school districts, low-level radioactive waste, metropolitan problems, motor vehicles, national guard, natural resources, navigation, parks and recreation, pest control, planning and development, ports, property, public safety, river basins, taxation, transportation, and water.​
Examples of compacts include the:​

  • Colorado River Compact (allocating water among seven western states),
    • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (a two-state compact),
    • Multistate Tax Compact (whose membership includes 23 states and the District of Columbia),
    • Interstate Oil and Gas Compact,
    • Interstate Corrections Compact,
    • Mutual Aid Compact,
    • Great Lakes Basin Compact (to which the Canadian province of Ontario is a party along with various states), and
    • Multi-State Lottery Compact (which operates the Powerball lotto game in numerous states).
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The allocation of Congressional seats based, in part, on a population of illegal immigrants has the uneasy implication that lawbreakers have a right to control-if only in part-our political decisions.

The problem of the NPVIC is of course that it will be nullified in practice as soon as a Republican gets a popular majority (even if narrow) and the Democrat gets an Electoral College majority.
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I will reply as soon as you begin to make sense. There is no deep state. Please get over it.
I will reply as soon as you make sense. There is a Deep State. It has been actively working against him since before the election. Even the fake news talks about it. Wake up. They should bring back SAT analogies

Comey @ FBI, Brennan @ CIA, Mueller, ranks of bureaucrats and random judges, all operating in dubious legality to thwart the President. Even if they disagree with the President, this is very dangerous territory for our constitutional system.

Indeed, even Emperors have been stymied by bureaucracies. The real question then, is not about the Electoral College - the real question, the problem is, what to do about an entrenched bureaucracy? When they abolished the spoils system, they replaced it with a permanent bureaucracy - if only they had known more history, they would realize the danger of a bureaucracy imposing its whims on the nation and even against the Emperor
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By that logic, though, why not also exclude children? After all, they can't vote either!
Come now, are you compelled to play devil's advocate here? All societies have children. The question now is how will we be able to run and order our society for the benefit of its members into the future?

Do you let just anyone into your home? Can we let just anybody into the country? Why should the entire planet get a vote in our country?

That would mean I can just break into your home and start demanding things of you


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By that logic, though, why not also exclude children? After all, they can't vote either!
He didn't mention is they can vote. It's less a matter of who can vote, and more a matter of who is rightfully a member of that society. If there are laws governing the entrance of foreign members into a society, then those who enter that society is an unlawful manner should not be considered a rightful member of society.
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