The Rise and Fall of Austria and Prussia


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Jun 2013
I made a video showing the year-by-year rise and fall of both Austria and Prussia. Germany is included. Tell me what you think!

[ame=]The Rise and Fall of Austria and Prussia - YouTube[/ame]
May 2013
Marvelous video. The music was awesome. It was great to see how the fortunes were fluctuating at the end of WWII, and between 1700-1800.


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Mar 2010
As with your other videos, very good. I wonder where you get the data for such detailed maps?
Nov 2011
United Kingdom
Great. Fascinating to see the large and sudden changes the Hapsburg empire undergoes through dynastic unions.
Jan 2014
Regnum Francorum (orientalium) / Germany
Interesting to see how Austria and Prussia (where my ancestors lived) rose and fell.

Thank you!:)

as far as i know after 1700s habsburgs united with Lorraine dyansty because an habsburg guy died boyless ?
Following the failure of both Emperor Joseph I and Emperor Charles VI to produce a son and heir, the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 left the throne to the latter's yet unborn daughter, Maria Theresa. In 1736 Emperor Charles arranged her marriage to Francis of Lorraine who agreed to exchange his hereditary lands for the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (as well as Duchy of Teschen from the Emperor).
House of Lorraine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting I also like the music.
The Brandenburgische Konzerte by Bach is the right piece for Prussia, but for Austria something by Wolfgang Amadeus M. or Haydn might be more suitable.:lol: